Writing More Effectively For Business

Writing More Effectively for Business


Program Overview

In today’s business environment, we are asked to communicate in a myriad of ways.  Our ability to get our point across in any medium can contribute to our success.  Writing can be one of the most effective ways to share ideas and influence others to see our point of view, if done well. 


In this program, you will uncover tips and techniques for writing more effectively for business.  Topics include:

  • Learn the Six Steps to Strong, Clear Writing to ensure your message is read loud and clear
  • The Three Taboos – unmask the grammar myths you learned in school
  • Learn how to organize your writing – why it’s essential and techniques to organize effectively
  • Tackle the Tricky Twins – word pairs that cause confusion


Who should attend?

This program is ideal for individuals looking to strengthen their writing skills to be more effective in conveying their message. 

Date: July 24, 2012

Faculty Lead: Joan McCain

Program:  8:30 am – 12:00 pm

Location: Rollins College, Crummer Graduate School of Business - Bush Executive Center

Tuition Fee:  $195 per person


Obtain the management skills that will help you think more strategically and lead more effectively.

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