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Along with May classes, we are looking for volunteers to help teach kids about healthy eating habits. Learn more about this great program.

class schedule

From gardening to Shirley Temple, religion to law, May offers a number of interesting and compelling classes for our friends. Classes will be held at the Hamilton Holt building, the Rollins Campus, Winter Park Towers and more.

travel/food writing

Instructor: Paul Jacob

Description: This class will challenge students to look deeper into their travels and their meals in order to communicate these experiences.  It is an art to be able to write clear, descriptive, engaging stories. Not only can we inform and entertain others through these writings, but we can also learn to be more aware of our own experiences by paying attention to all the holistic details.

your life in words (part 1)

Instructor: Yvonne Vassel

Description: Writing your life story is not an exercise in self-indulgence. Indeed, your story will be a gift to your family and future generations, and is a way to ensure the memories, special events, and lessons of your existence do not entirely disappear. You will also value the opportunity to look at your life events with the benefit of distance and understanding. Over four sessions we will combine your words and photos to put together a mini life story that’s ready for you to publish. We will also look at the pros and cons of some available publishing resources.

publish for profit

Instructor: Randy Noles

Description: Back by popular demand! If you like to write, are interested in stories about people -- and would like to get published -- be sure to enroll in "Publishing Profiles for Profit," taught by award-winning feature writer, non-fiction book author and magazine publisher Randy Noles. After discussing elements of writing effective personality profiles and methods for conducting effective interviews, the class will quiz a prominent local person (subject to be announced), press-conference style. Everyone may, if they choose, write a 500-word profile based on that session. The best story or stories will be published in Winter Park Magazine or Orlando Life, and each will receive a detailed edit and a professional critique from the instructor. This class is capped to 12 people.

financial/retirement/estate planning

Instructor: Elliot Raphaelson

Description: The basics of investing for retirement will be covered, emphasizing how to structure a portfolio that will last a lifetime. Other topics covered will be retirement plans, Social Security options, immediate annuities, health care issues, reverse mortgages, and estate planning.

everyday law for the average, non lawyer, individual

Instructor: Robert DiConsiglio


(1) Contracts - Offer and acceptance, oral and written contracts, capacity to enter into a contract, consideration i.e. the thing of value given.

(2) Torts - The difference between torts and crimes, assault and battery, slander and libel, negligence, invasion of the right to privacy.

(3) Criminal Law - Intent to commit a crime, Constitutional safeguards, search and seizure, the exclusionary rule, entrapment, Miranda Warnings.

improving balance & mobility

Instructor: Lenny Barrett

Description: This is a perfect class to attend if you like to improve your balance and mobility through some gentle Yoga movement. The practice can be applied for Daily Functional Activities. Students have the option to use chairs for safety; otherwise, they can use Yoga mats. The class is taught by a certified and experienced Yoga and fitness instructor for more than 10 years.

be brave. lose the beige: lady boomers living outside the lines

Instructor: Liz Kitchens and Jackie Sorensen

Description: Baby Boomer women, or Lady Boomers, have lived a significant percentage of their adult years within very prescribed “lines” and, over time, their lives have turned “beige” from all the obligations and responsibilities they assume on a daily basis. This course explores issues relevant to Lady Boomers as they consider new possibilities, approach life in a novel way, and discover lost hopes and dreams.  The following are the topic titles for each of the weeks during this session. 

The Hats Women Wear:  So Many Hats, Only One Head:  From Mom and Grandmother to employer, board member, chef and chauffer, women wear a lot of hats.  Explore 12 different hats representing the many different roles women perform each day.

Purse Chaos:  Does your life resemble your purse? An analysis of the contents of your purse, or even the purse itself could produce some surprising and revealing findings on this path toward self-discovery. What kind of baggage are you carrying around?

Are You A Tweener?  Are you in a generational “pickle” and sandwiched between parenting adult children and tending to aging parents. The Boomer generation can truly be dubbed the “Tweener Generation.”

your life in words (part ii)

Instructor: Yvonne Vassel

Description: This class is most appropriate for those who have taken the introductory session of Your Life In Words, or have already begun writing their Life Story/Memoir. It will function as a guided writing group where writing exercises are given, your efforts shared, feedback given, and you are provided with methods you can utilize to move through the personal challenges that always come when delving into past events and the emotions they create. This class will keep you on the road to publication.


the inner workings of the orange county sheriff’s office & the community

Instructor: Laura Lang


Week 1: Overview of the agency (how it works; what is involved; what that means to you; & how to get involved). Class will meet at the Hamilton Holt Auditorium.

Week 2: Personal safety (how not to become a victim of crime; how to protect yourself from identity theft; & common scams targeted to the senior population). Class will meet at the Milton Holt Auditorium.

Week 3: Tour of the Orange County Sheriff’s Communications Center located at 6590 Amory Court Winter Park Florida  32792.  I will have to have a list of all attending in advance.  Please bring an ID they may ask for it.  At this time photos’ can be taken. This class will meet at this location on May 21, 2014 at 1pm. A good amount of walking is involved.

Week 4: Tour of the Orange County Sheriff’s Aviation Center located at Orlando Executive Airport Bldg. 196; East Amelia Street (off of Maguire) Orlando.   I will furnish a map for this location. I will have to have a list of all attending in advance.  Please bring ID they may ask for it.  At this time photos’ can be taken. This class will meet at this location on Wednesday, May 28, 2014 at 1pm. A good amount of walking is involved.

NOTES: This class does require some walking for the tours. It also occurs at different locations and requires you showing your ID at the facility to gain clearance inside.

screenwriting: from fade in to black out

 Instructor: Allison Pinkerton

Description: Do you have the next blockbuster movie idea? Are you dying to write an indie drama? Want to tickle funny bones? This two-week screenwriting class will give you the basics of writing for the silver screen: plot, conflict, and character. In this class, you will pitch and write your own short script.

your “forever home”…more than just “universal design”

Instructor: Monarcha Marcet

Description: What would your “forever home” be like? Is it possible your existing home could meet your needs now and in the future? What exactly is Universal Design? In this course, you will be introduced to the concepts of “aging in place” and universal design. Utilizing a presentation with lots of pictures and real life examples of projects you will garner ideas that may be useful if you are contemplating remodeling or building new, ideas which could make your home life “easier”. The NAHB CAPS certification will be explained and we’ll explore other acronyms of the “contracting” world. We’ll explore the process a designer uses when presented with cases involving clients with physical and other challenges. Class members may bring in floor plans to the last class and a portion of that class time will be spent hands on reviewing the plans and discussing possible modifications using the principles learned in the class.

stories of central florida’s past: fascinating floridians: this class is full. there is a wait list.

Instructor: Joy Dickinson

Description: From its days as a frontier outpost to its role as a destination for millions, the Orlando area may be the least known of America’s best known locales. We’ll look at the some of the fascinating folks who put their stamp on the history of Orlando and Winter Park in the era B.D., before Walt Disney World opened in 1971 (but we won’t forget Walt). Subjects range from Jacob Summerlin, “king of the Crackers” to space pioneer Joe Kittinger, baseball Hall of Famer Joe Tinker and Eatonville’s own Zora Neale Hurston. Learn the inside stories about some of the fascinating folks who forged Central Florida.

constitutional law

Instructor: Robert DiConsiglio

Description: This class will discuss the major issues of our time and how they relate to the Constitution. The topics to be discussed may include but not be limited to: Obama Care, separation of powers, federalism, separation of church and state, first amendment, fourth amendment and the NSA, abortion and the right to privacy, the president as commander in chief and his authority to take military action., the voucher system in our schools, the second amendment and gun control, affirmative action and higher education, voter id, and any other subjects the class would like to discuss.

the raoul wallenberg story

Instructor: Morris Wolff

Description: The story of Raoul Wallenberg, one man's efforts to save the Jews of Budapest and Morris Wolff, the international lawyer who went to rescue him from the Soviet gulag after 39 years of incommunicado captivity.

(1) Wallenberg's formative years. Growing up in Stockholm as part of a well-connected family. Studying different languages. Travelling to the University of Michigan to study architecture. Developing an interest in human rights.

(2) Becoming a Swedish diplomat. Travelling to Hungary at the Request of the US War Refugee Board. Rescuing 100,000 Jews by using ingenious Swedish passport program, and going to train stations to place passports with families and then bringing them back to their home. At end of WWII he is kidnapped by the Russians and taken to Moscow. Why? We will discuss theories concerning this drastic violation of diplomatic immunity. Who was involved? Stalin, Vishinski and others.

(3) March 3, 1983. Morris Wolff, our teacher, receives a phone call at his home on a Saturday morning. "Will you help us? Your name has been given us as an international human rights lawyer. Our brother has miraculously been found alive after 39 years in the Gulag."

That afternoon Morris goes to the Penn Law library and goes to the Rare Book Room and discovers the Alien Tort Claim Act of 1789. Can this law help us? Find out how.

(4) The historic litigation. Follow how Morris and his team persuade Judge Barrington Parker to grant a first ever human rights judgment ordering the Russians to release Wallenberg to his court room in 60 days and pay $39 million in damages,--one for each year of captivity. Morris goes on NBC TV with Jane Pauley and Brian Gumble to explain to 25 million people how the victory was gained.

Through Q and A we will discuss this World War Two period in history, the effects of the Holocaust long term, and how a few righteous people did major life saving work. Students are encouraged to read what they can find on Raoul Wallenberg before class.

Here is his bio: https://www.smashwords.com/profile/view/EducationalPublisher

coming into the home stretch

Instructor: Robin Wilson

Description: Flexibility promotes a more youthful body and mind. By blending of the art of dance, the power of yoga and the science of pilates this class is designed to do just that! The special benefit is that each student will gain the ability to perform these movements and exercises in the privacy of their own homes for many years to come.

indigo and shibori

Instructor: Catherine Cross

Description: Indigo and Shibori, An Adventure with the Color of the World and a technique dating from the 8th Century. Shibori is a Japanese term for several methods of dyeing cloth with a pattern by binding, stitching, folding, twisting, compressing it, or capping.  Some of these methods in the West are also referred to as tie-dye.

The focus is on the production of shibori marks and pattern through thorough investigation of technique within the limits of a square of fabric.  This could be turned into a bag or cushion at a later date at home. Participants may also bring in an item from home based on a list provided prior to the class.  Though indigo will be used it is not a workshop about the dye, shibori technique is our focus.  A history of the indigo dyeing process will be provided and the indigo dyeing process will be done on both days, with both a strong and weak vat for tonal variation on various fabric weights and textures to add further interest to your shibori project. This workshop is for beginners.