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class schedule

From gardening to Shirley Temple, religion to law, March offers a number of interesting and compelling classes for our friends. Classes will be held at the Hamilton Holt building, the Rollins Campus, Winter Park Towers and more.

being a successful twenty first century grandparent

Instructor: Zena Sulkes, Ph.D.

Instructor:  One of the joys of seeing our children reach adulthood is becoming a grandparent, or is it? Issues to be discussed include: how to know when not to share your opinion; establishing positive relationships when there is such a geographical distance; taking advantage of modern technology; effective communication with the young, school age, and teenage children; and successful ideas for traveling together and/or family stay-cations.

keys to contemplation

Instructor: Paul Jacob

Instructor:  The major religions and their prophets have always tried to relate the importance of setting aside time and space for contemplation to their followers. There is also a history of contemplative artists who have sought out solitude in order to connect with a deeper level of inspiration. In this class, we will examine various practices and philosophies regarding contemplation in order to discover for ourselves its essential usefulness in our daily lives. Some of the contemplative religious teachers and artists that we will discuss are Thomas Merton, The Desert Fathers, Henri Nouwen, Henry David Thoreau, Georgia O'Keefe, Nelson Mandela, and Gandhi.

indigo is world

Instructor: Catherine Cross

Instructor:  Engage with history, fiber art and printmaking visuals with an opportunity for some hands on fun and demonstrations to experience and learn about the history of Indigo in the Southeast United States and around the world.  Enjoy a visual journey of images from Charleston to New Smyrna Beach, learn about early textiles and textile mills of the Carolina's.  Learn about the indigo dyeing process for a variety of mediums and have a hands on experience dying your own yarn or fabric. You will see blue in a whole new way.

the mysteries of the maya: past, present, and future (section 2 same as february class)

Instructor: Ashley Kistler, Ph.D.

Instructor:  Join Dr. Ashley Kistler from the Department of Anthropology and the Latin American and Caribbean Studies program at Rollins College for a discussion about the mysteries of ancient and contemporary Maya culture.  This course will examine many facets of the complex Maya culture, history, and society, from the accomplishments of their ancient past to the challenges the Maya face in the 21st century.  Students will explore the fascinating world of the ancient Maya, including their architecture, art, writing, calendar, and ritual practice.  Students will also examine contemporary Maya culture in Guatemala and Mexico today and learn about the challenges the Maya have faced during the last 50 years.  During the final class session, Dr. Kistler will talk about her own research on Maya cultural revitalization in the Q’eqchi’-Maya community of San Juan Chamelco, Guatemala. 

become a freelance writer

Instructor: Justin Braun, MBA

Instructor:  Work from home, get published, and make money. Freelance writing is an easy way to supplement your income, grow your portfolio, and add excitement to your life. The course will cover how to get started, the art of pitching stories, how to conduct interviews, how to invoice your work, and how to create an online portfolio.

personalized lifestyle medicine for health

Instructor: Rukhsana Shanbhag

Instructor:  The four classes will include-

1). Understanding and evaluating your personal health status and health goals

 2). Food as medicine, a discussion of benefits of eating well, and selecting foods that enhance our unique biochemical individuality

3).The gut and its impact on health maintenance

4) Supplements, why, what and when?

constitutional law and the major issues of our time (section 2 same as february class)

Instructor: Robert DiConsiglio, J.D.

Instructor:  This class will discuss the major issues of our time and how they relate to the Constitution. The topics to be discussed may include but not be limited to: Obama Care, separation of powers, federalism, separation of church and state, first amendment, fourth amendment and the NSA, abortion and the right to privacy, the president as commander in chief and his authority to take military action., the voucher system in our schools, the second amendment and gun control, affirmative action and higher education, voter id, and any other subjects the class would like to discuss.

life and letters of paul

Instructor: Kenneth Young, Ph.D.

Instructor:  This course is designed to help the student understand the development, major work and writing of the Apostle Paul as represented in the Acts of Apostles and the Pauline epistles. Further, we will analyze and explore Christology, and "who Jesus is." Finally, the student will enhance his/her knowledge of how to interpret and articulate a faith statement.

world religions

Instructor: Kenneth Young, Ph.D.

Instructor:  This class will be taught from the prospective of a comparative analysis of different religions and how they function within culture  for the purpose of gaining insight into ourselves and others. 

cooking meals in 30 minutes

Instructor: Marci Arthur

Instructor:  There comes a time in everyone’s life when they find they will be cooking for one or two. The difficulty is recipes are never written for you. What now? Oh, sure, you can cut down the recipes or cook enough for an army – to be thrown out at a later date before you get botulism. I will teach you how to take the simple road and go over recipes and cooking techniques which will help you learn to love the kitchen – creating small masterpieces that will be healthy, teach portion control, flavor balance and impress even the toughest critic. We will discuss how to discover a creative way to create a lifestyle that will work for you.

cyber crime & cyber espionage

Instructor: Teddy Reynolds

Instructor:  An examination of how individuals, groups, and even nations use Internet attacks to acquire personal, corporate, and classified information. With identity theft, and the increasing amount of corporate and classified data that is being stolen, this non-technical course will examine these phenomena and discuss ways to protect yourself against these malicious attacks, how our government is seeking to protect our critical infrastructure, and why policy development in this area is so difficult.

your life in words

Instructor: Yvonne Vassel

Instructor:  Writing your life story is not an exercise in self-indulgence. Indeed, your story will be a gift to your family and future generations, and is a way to ensure the memories, special events, and lessons of your existence do not entirely disappear. You will also value the opportunity to look at your life events with the benefit of distance and understanding. Over four sessions we will combine your words and photos to put together a mini life story that’s ready for you to publish. We will also look at the pros and cons of some available publishing resources.

florida: visions of paradise from the spanish to the present filled

Instructor: Jack Lane

Instructor:  Whether traveling by Spanish galleon, by RV's or by airline, generation after generation has come to Florida with hopes or restoration or re-creation. From Ponce de Leon’s mythological quest for the fountain of youth and Spanish explorers seeking riches, to Creek Indians escaping British domination and African slave finding freedom, to 19th travelers escaping industrial cities, and 20th tourist basking in unfettered leisure, waves of immigrants have carried to Florida dreams of a new life in paradise. Such visions have profoundly reshaped the peninsula’s history and culture. Each group seemed obsessed with writing about their experiences.

financial/retirement/estate planning

Instructor: Elliot Raphaelson

Instructor: The basics of investing for retirement will be covered, emphasizing how to structure a portfolio that will last a lifetime. Other topics covered will be retirement plans,  Social Security options, immediate annuities, health care issues, and a full session will be allocated to estate planning. The classes will be informal, and students will be able to ask any questions related to personal/retirement  planning.

telling a tale of mystery

Instructor: Allison Radzewicz

Instructor:  If you consider some of the titles you've read recently, you may be surprised to discover that many are mysteries. From Agatha Christie to James Patterson, mysteries remain a hot items on the bestseller lists. In this course you can expect to develop your original story idea and then brainstorm with the instructor and your fellow students. This course will provide you with the techniques you need to know if you want to become a mystery author.

coming into the home stretch (section 2) time change

Instructor: Robin Wilson

Instructor:  Flexibility promotes a more youthful body and mind. By blending of the art of dance, the power of yoga and the science of pilates this class is designed to do just that! The special benefit  is that each student will  gain the ability to perform these  movements and exercises in the privacy of their own homes for many years to come.