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From gardening to Shirley Temple, religion to law, February offers a number of interesting and compelling classes for our friends. Classes will be held at the Hamilton Holt building, the Rollins Campus, Winter Park Towers and more.

tough moral choices of our time

Instructor: Zena Sulkes, Ph.D.

Description: We will explore a model of making intelligent choices regarding hot topics that are of interest to the members of the class. Discussion is essential as we explore gun control, the impact of modern technology, and America’s multi-racial society.

the power of place

Instructor: Paul Jacob

Description: No matter where we live, or where we travel to, we are always in a place or moving towards or away from a place; even in the process of traveling, we inhabit transient places such as hotel rooms, train cars and airplane seats.   This course will delve into the profound affect that location has on our lives and will make students look at the places that they have lived and traveled to with different eyes and a deeper sense of connection and awareness.  This class will utilize concepts from the following books, Getting Back into Place: Toward a Renewed Understanding of the Place-World by Edward S. Kasey; The Dharma Bums by Jack Kerouac; and Walden by Henry David Thoreau.

beyond frida: a look at modern art in latin america

Instructor: Amy Galpin, Ph.D.

Description: This class will examine non-traditional interpretations of the work of Mexican painter Frida Kahlo in concert with the work of other modern artists working in Latin American during the first half of the twentieth century.  The cult of Kahlo has overshadowed important modern developments in Uruguay, Brazil, and the Caribbean. Moreover, there were many other groundbreaking artists working in modern Mexico. Class lectures will include information about twentieth-century muralism and printmaking and address the proliferation of Surrealism, Cubism, and Constructivism in Latin America.

whistle while you play canceled 1/30/14

Instructor: Catherine Cross

Description: No experience necessary for this fun clay plays experience.  We will explore Ancient American artifacts and whistles of the culture for inspiration to create your own fun noise maker.

the mysteries of the maya: past, present, and future (section 1)

Instructor: Ashley Kistler, Ph.D.

Description: Join Dr. Ashley Kistler from the Department of Anthropology and the Latin American and Caribbean Studies program at Rollins College for a discussion about the mysteries of ancient and contemporary Maya culture.  This course will examine many facets of the complex Maya culture, history, and society, from the accomplishments of their ancient past to the challenges the Maya face in the 21st century.  Students will explore the fascinating world of the ancient Maya, including their architecture, art, writing, calendar, and ritual practice.  Students will also examine contemporary Maya culture in Guatemala and Mexico today and learn about the challenges the Maya have faced during the last 50 years.  During the final class session, Dr. Kistler will talk about her own research on Maya cultural revitalization in the Q’eqchi’-Maya community of San Juan Chamelco, Guatemala.

medici madness: the early renaissance masters

Instructor: Bob Lemon, Ph.D.

Description: Highlights of the period of Medici patronage and the Florentine Masters. Students will partake in a survey of Florentine painting and sculpture to include Masaccio, Botticelli, Fra Angelico, and Donatello. The class will explore the connections between the patron and the artist.

the future of the book: dead on arrival or alive and kicking?

Instructor: Jonathan Miller, Ph.D.

Description: In the age of the Internet, tablets, and smartphones is the book dead, transformed from a printed to a digital object, or alive and well for decades to come? We will take a look at some of the ancient treasures of the Rollins’ Olin Library to see how the history of the book informs its future. We will spend some time understanding what we mean when we use the deceptively simple word, “book.” We will get some hands-on experience with some of the new digital book formats and devices, and take a look at some of the latest research and predictions about the future of the book. Bring your own reading device if you have one, I will bring some to the class for us to experiment with, and most importantly bring your own experience, opinions, and ideas about these wonderful cultural artifacts we call books.

constitutional law and the major issues of our time (section 1)

Instructor: Robert DiConsiglio, J.D.

Description: This class will discuss the major issues of our time and how they relate to the Constitution. The topics to be discussed may include but not be limited to: Obama Care, separation of powers, federalism, separation of church and state, first amendment, fourth amendment and the NSA, abortion and the right to privacy, the president as commander in chief and his authority to take military action., the voucher system in our schools, the second amendment and gun control, affirmative action and higher education, voter id, and any other subjects the class would like to discuss.

your life in words

Instructor: Yvonne Vassel

Description: Writing your life story is not an exercise in self-indulgence. Indeed, your story will be a gift to your family and future generations, and is a way to ensure the memories, special events, and lessons of your existence do not entirely disappear. You will also value the opportunity to look at your life events with the benefit of distance and understanding. Over four sessions we will combine your words and photos to put together a mini life story that’s ready for you to publish. We will also look at the pros and cons of some available publishing resources.

magic and witchcraft in western history

Instructor: Carol Bresnahan, Ph.D.

Description: We do not know how many people – most of them women – were executed for the civil and canon crime of witchcraft. Such uncertainty makes the study of alleged witchcraft all the more important. This Center for Lifelong Learning course examines cursing, torture, judicial process, confessions, and what the authorities had to say about witchcraft. We'll focus on the worry that alleged witchcraft and diabolical magic were growing threats after the 12th century, the height of the witch hunts in the mid-16th through mid-17th centuries, and the surprising end to witch hunts.  We conclude with a comparison of European witchcraft beliefs and those of America, especially a disturbing case from the U.S. in the 1980s-90s. A disclaimer: this course is rated R, as sexuality and beliefs about witchcraft were dramatically intertwined!

the three marjor(y)ies and may

Instructor: Leslie Poole, Ph.D.

Description: This course would explore 4 of the most important environmental women in Florida:  Pulitzer Prize winning author Marjorie Kinnan Rawlings, Cross Florida Barge Canal foe Marjorie Harris Carr, Everglades author and patron saint Marjory Stoneman Douglas, and May Mann Jennings, known as the Mother of Florida Forestry who led efforts by clubwomen to create the first state park in Florida.

All four were strong, outspoken women whose work demonstrated the beauty and importance of the state's natural resources. Carr, Douglas, and Jennings were also important activists that rallied the rising environmental grassroots to save important aspects of the state.

cooking meals in 30 minutes (section 1)

Instructor: Marci Arthur

Description: There comes a time in everyone’s life when they find they will be cooking for one or two.  The difficulty is recipes are never written for you.  What now?  Oh, sure, you can cut down the recipes or cook enough for an army – to be thrown out at a later date before you get botulism.  I will teach you how to take the simple road and go over recipes and cooking techniques which will help you learn to love the kitchen – creating small masterpieces that will be healthy, teach portion control, flavor balance and impress even the toughest critic. We will discuss how to discover a creative way to create a lifestyle that will work for you.

the bright & dark side of personality leadership

Instructor: Ron Piccolo, Ph.D.

Description: Drawing on recent research in psychology, we will explore the nature of personality and its impact on social interaction and a leader's influence. We will also assess our own individual differences and consider methods to identify personality traits in others.


Instructor: Teddy Reynolds

Description: Terrorism has existed in society for millennia and has been called one of the world's oldest professions. Taking advantage of advances in globalization, modern terrorists make effective use of communications, technology, and travel toward the goal of creating a global network of affiliates committed to a common cause. This course examines terrorism as a global challenge, delving into and understanding terrorists' reasons for being/acting and considering the effectiveness of various counter-terrorism policies.

survey of western dramatic literature

Instructor: Joe Nassif, Ph.D.

Description: Major playwrights, genres, and dramatic texts from Ancient Greek tragedy to Modern American Realism and beyond. Evaluates the manner in which Western Culture has represented itself and others onstage and given meaning to the human experience.

follow the bouncing ball

Instructor: Amado Bobadilla

Description: Ever find yourself singing a song from your--or your parents'--childhood but revert to humming after the first line? Wish you knew the rest of the song, but really don't have the time to Google it? Ever wanted to sing those songs, but the Karaoke machine only goes back to the '60s? Then (cut here if necessary) join us as we study the life and times of some of the most popular songs of the '40s, '30s, '20s (and beyond). We'll listen to some old (and some not-so-old) recordings and then learn to sing those songs (there may even be time for a solo or two!). And you'll take home all the lyrics so you'll never have be at a loss for words again...at least not when you're singing! When signing up for this course, please email me at lionspathproductions@netzero.net  a list of the songs you would like to learn about and sing (by decade, if possible).

quieting the inner critic, part ii: creating an action plan

Instructor: Lezlie Laws, Ph.D.

Description: Students enrolling in this course must have taken Quieting the Inner Critic last term. Last term, participants in the course learned how our “inner critic” works to derail us from living happily and creatively. In Part II of Quieting the Inner Critic, you’ll get serious about creating the time, space, and attitude you need to implement an action plan for living and creating the way you want to. This course is open to students who participated in Quieting the Inner Critic last November.

Session 1: Fabulous Fashionistas : infusing energy and focus into life.

Session 2: Mind Rooms: understanding where you spend your time and energy

Session 3: Writing an action plan: intention makes things happen.

Session 4: Setting yourself up for success: sharing, committing, creating a wild pack.

medici madness: the early renaissance masters (session 2)

Instructor: Bob Lemon, Ph.D.

Description: Highlights of the period of Medici patronage and the Florentine Masters. Students will partake in a survey of Florentine painting and sculpture to include Masaccio, Botticelli, Fra Angelico, and Donatello.  The class will explore the connections between the patron and the artist.

writing to heal

Instructor: Lori Coffae, Ph.D.

Description: In this 4-week course, we will explore how writing can help heal the mind, the body, and the spirit; and through a series of investigations, discussions, and writing exercises, we will discover how we can understand, shape, and ultimately improve our own medical experiences.

basic spanish for practical purposes (section 1)

Instructor: Jessica Jacob

Description: This is a beginning Spanish language course meant to teach basic skills for communicating with Hispanic individuals either within the US or while traveling abroad.  We will cover common phrases through skits and dialogues such as ordering food, introducing oneself, making a payment, and of course, asking for the restroom.

publish for profit

Instructor: Randy Noles

Description: Back by popular demand! If you like to write, are interested in stories about people -- and would like to get published -- be sure to enroll in "Publishing Profiles for Profit," taught by award-winning feature writer, non-fiction book author and magazine publisher Randy Noles. After discussing elements of writing effective personality profiles and methods for conducting effective interviews, the class will quiz a prominent local person (subject to be announced), press-conference style. Everyone may, if they choose, write a 500-word profile based on that session. The best story or stories will be published in Winter Park Magazine or Orlando Life, and each will receive a detailed edit and a professional critique from the instructor. Strictly limited to 12 enrollees to ensure individual attention.

fitness through motion & imagination (section 1)

Instructor: Bob Sherry, J.D. &Robin Wilson

Description: Dance gets people engaged, moving, socializing, and feeling their bodies. Beginning with the proposition that there is no wrong movement, this course is open to all. Our bodies need to move! The class, performed to live piano accompaniment, begins with the participants in chairs and proceeded to upright movement (although a seated option is always available). The chairs create a sense of support, and allow participants to experiment and expand their movement range from a steady and reliable base. Participants will be encouraged to approach this movement exploration with an open the mind and heart. This allows everyone an opportunity to enjoy an imaginative, individualized, movement experience.

coming into the home stretch (section 1)

Instructor: Robin Wilson

Description: Flexibility promotes a more youthful body and mind . By blending of the art of dance, the power of yoga and the science of pilates this class is designed to do just that! The special benefit  is that each student will  gain the ability to perform these  movements and exercises in the privacy of their own homes for many years to come.

chi yoga

Instructor: Lenny Barrett

Description: Chi-Yoga class starts with movements to flow the energy around the body, and follows with Yoga Sun/Moon Salutation practice. Chi-Yoga practice is good to improve energy, breathing capacity, range of motion, strength, and balance of body and mind. The class ends with an alert-relaxed rejuvenation session. You will feel refreshed.