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Offered by the Virginia S. and W.W. Nelson Department of Music, the Music major at the Hamilton Holt School provides a realistic approach to perfecting the skills and talents necessary to succeed in the creative field of music. The faculty’s goal is to provide the best possible musical education in performance, historical literature, and theory.


Acceptance into the Hamilton Holt School does not guarantee acceptance into the Music program. An audition is required for acceptance into the Music major or minor. To be a music major in the Holt School, a student must be accepted through audition. Students are accepted as a major based not only on talent and academic potential, but also on the department’s needs as determined by the tenured faculty of the Department of Music.

Requirements for the Major

Musicianship Area (28 Semester Hours)

MUS 151 Theory 1 (Harmony)

MUS 152 Theory 2 (Harmony)

MUS 153 Keyboard Harmony I

MUS 154 Keyboard Harmony II

MUS 251 Theory 3 (Counterpoint)

MUS 252 Theory 4 (Chromatic Harmony & Introduction to Analysis)

MUS 360 Music in the Global Environment

MUS 361 Music History: Renaissance/Baroque

MUS 362 Music History: Classic/Romantic

Performance Area (12 Semester Hours)

MUA 200 Music Ensembles: Four (4) semester hours required.

*Note: Not all ensembles will be offered every semester.

MUA 201P or 201C or 301 or 401 Applied Music: Eight (8) semester hours required.

Elective Courses (12 semester hours)

 Three (3) electives in music, two (2) of which must be at the 300 level or above. 90

Senior Project (4 semester hours)

MUS 495 Senior Project

Additional Requirements:

•Pass a fundamental keyboard skills examination by the end of the sophomore year, or complete two (2) terms of secondary applied piano.

•Freshman Assessment: End-of-Year Self-Assessment, including portfolio; interview with Department of Music faculty.

•Sophomore Review: End-of-Year Self-Assessment, including portfolio; interview with Department of Music faculty.

Requirements for the Minor (28 semester hours)

MUS 151/152 Theory I and II with Lab: Four (4) semester hours required

MUA 200 Music Ensembles Four (4) semester hours required.

MUA 201P or 201C or 301 or 401Applied Music: Eight (8) semester hours required.

Two electives, at least one at 300/400 level: Eight (8) semester hours required.

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