Evening Undergraduate Degree in Healthcare Management

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the need for medical and health service managers will grow 22% between 2010 and 2020. Get a jump on the competition with a degree in this field from Rollins College.


The Healthcare Management major is designed for students interested in pursuing entry-level management positions in the healthcare industry. Drawing on the Rollins liberal arts tradition, the major emphasizes law, ethics, finance, research, statistics, and information systems.


Required courses (12 courses, 48 credit hours):

HCM 135 Healthcare Law & Ethics

HCM 200 The Healthcare System

BUS 230 Financial & Managerial Accounting

HCM 300 Healthcare Statistics, Technology, & Information Systems

BUS 310 Management & Organizational Behavior

HCM 315 Healthcare Management & Governance

HCM 325 Human Resources in Healthcare

HCM 335 Marketing & Service Excellence

HCM 355 Healthcare Finance & Economics

HCM 365 Operations & Quality Management in Healthcare

HCM 397 HCM Practicum

BUS 400 Strategic Management

Elective Courses for the major are listed below. Elective courses not listed below may be taken, with approval of the program coordinator, on a case-by-case basis. Some elective courses require prerequisites; students must satisfy any prerequisites for these courses.


ANT 280: Social Gerontology

ANT 306: Medicine and Culture


BUS 130: Business and Society

BUS 330: Entrepreneurial Marketing

BUS 342: Human Resource Management


COM 221: Small Groups and Leadership

COM 301: Designing Effective Organizations

COM 302: New Media and Public Relations

COM 316: Training and Development

COM 325: Communication Campaigns

COM 421: Organizational Communication


ENG300E: Medical Communication


PSY 317: Group Dynamics

PSY 330: Organizational Behavior

PSY 337: Organizational Dysfunction

PSY 407: Organization Development

Requirements for the Minor (8)

Persons planning to minor in healthcare management will take

Core Courses: 

HCM 135: Healthcare Law and Ethics

HCM 200: The Healthcare System

HCM 315: Healthcare Management and Governance

Three elective courses from the following list (two of which must be at the 300 level or higher). Additional courses may be substituted if approved by the Director of the Healthcare Management Program.

ANT 280 Social Gerontology

ANT 303 Women’s Global Health

ANT 306 Medicine and Culture

BUS 230 Financial and Managerial Accounting

BUS 310 Management and Organizational Behavior

COM 330 Health Communication Campaigns

COM 336 Communication Across the Lifespan

COM 340 Health Policy and Advocacy Communication

COM 342 Health Behavior Change and Social Marketing

HCM 300 Healthcare Statistics, Technology, and Information Systems

HCM 325 Human Resources in Healthcare

HCM 335 Marketing and Service Excellence

HCM 355 Healthcare Finance and Economics

HCM 365 Operations and Quality in Healthcare

meet the faculty

Nancy Niles

Nancy J. Niles

Associate Professor
Department Chair

M.P.H. Tulane University 
Ph.D. University of Illinois 
M.S. University of Maryland 
M.B.A. University of Maryland

Nancy J. Niles is the Chair of the Health Professions department and Program Director for the undergraduate health care management major. She teaches both graduate and undergraduate health related courses.  Prior to her arrival at Rollins, she taught in two undergraduate business schools located in small liberal arts colleges.  Her related work experience includes a directorship of a multi million dollar New York State health program,  and a  consultant for small businesses. She was also a Peace Corps volunteer for two tours in Senegal, West Africa where she managed health and business projects. During her second Peace Corps tour, she was appointed to manage an economic development project for the U.S. Ambassador. 

Her research areas of interest include medical and business ethics, strategic planning, social media health care marketing and the the impact of health policy on organizations. She really enjoys writing textbooks. She believes that we are never too old to learn and loves teaching  students of all ages.  

R Hotchkiss Headshot

Renee Brent Hotchkiss
Associate Professor

Ph.D. University of Central Florida
M.S. University of Central Florida
B.S. University of Central Florida

Dr. Hotchkiss holds a master's degree in Health Services Administration and a doctorate in Public Affairs with an emphasis in Health Administration from the University of Central Florida. She has held two previous faculty appointments at Georgia Southern University and at Florida Gulf Coast University where she taught a number of courses on healthcare management, public health leadership, and health policy at the graduate level. 

Chet Evans headshot

Chet Evans
D.P.M. Samuel Merritt University
M.S. University of Florida
B.S. University of Miami

Dr. Evans is a board certified foot and ankle surgeon, and has been involved in medical and health sciences education and program development for more than two decades. He is a seasoned executive administrator, wound and accreditation specialist, world-recognized medical educator, surgeon and entrepreneur. Dr. Evans has published widely, serves on multiple boards at the local, state and national levels, and is actively involved in both regional and professional health/medical accreditation activities.

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