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Students who earn an English degree from the Hamilton Holt School learn to read critically, think logically, and speak and write effectively. These skills set the stage for access into government, businesses, or graduate school. You’ll find English majors in nearly every industry, including law, advertising, publishing, sales, marketing and management. Others pursue careers in writing or go on to graduate work in English.


Twelve courses are required for the English major and six courses are required for the minor.

Core Courses

ENG 201 Major English Writings I

ENG 202 Major English Writings II

ENG 221/321 Selected Studies in World Literature

ENG 303 Historical Approaches to American Literature

ENG 304 (A,B,C) Genre Study in American Literature

ENG 374 Editing Essentials OR ENG 380 Language Studies

Electives in Literature, Writing, or Film

Two at any level, three (two for the minor) at the 300 level or higher, and one at the 400 level or higher.

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