Evening Undergraduate Degree in Business Management

Beyond business as usual.

our business major prepares you for responsible decision making

As a Business Management major, you’ll have the power to create a socially responsible future, starting with your career. An inclusive, sustainable global economy depends on corporate responsibility and ethical decision-making. As a graduate of the Hamilton Holt School's undergraduate business programs, you will be prepared to:

  • Be a responsible business leader.
  • Work side-by-side with business leaders to address business, social, and environmental challenges.
  • Be a source of transformative change in any workplace by studying the primacy of the triple bottom line—people, planet, profit—in decision-making.
  • Integrate sustainability into business practices.
  • Better understand the role, dynamics, and social and environmental impact of organizations.

Learning to lead by example, students majoring in business will also be required to participate in several hands-on learning experiences. Graduates will enter the workforce with a managerial mindset and leadership skills desired by all varieties of organizations. 

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Get Accelerated

The Rollins College 3/2 Accelerated Management Program (AMP) combines a four-year bachelor of arts (BA) degree and a two-year master of business administration (MBA) degree into a five-year program. Learn more >>


Complete an approved local, domestic, or international internship in a business or social organization

Global experience

Students have the option to participate in a Rollins-approved semester abroad or international field study program. Graduates will enter the workforce with a managerial mindset and leadership skills desired by all varieties of organizations, including business firms, nonprofit organizations, and public-private joint ventures. 

Business Management minor

The business minor can be combined with almost any major to give the student a better understanding of the role of business in today’s world and career-related skills.

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sample courses

Business & Society

Business impacts society and society impacts business.  Future business leaders need to understand these interdependencies.  We will focus on the Triple Bottom Line (TBL) which balances social responsibility, environmental sustainability, and economic growth and development with ethical behavior and global citizenship.  We will study economic, political, cultural, legal, demographic, geographic, and historical processes (both domestic and global) to understand how the business system functions, how business affects you, and how you can affect business. 

Business Law & Ethics

This course introduces students to the legal and ethical environment of business.  It will assist students in identifying and analyzing ethical issues in business, while giving students practical decision-making skills.  Basic legal content such as contracts, torts, alternative dispute resolution, intellectual property, and employment law will be covered.

Management & Organizational Behavior

Management is the process of understanding & motivating people to perform work to achieve objectives.  Students focus on developing key competencies including responsible decision making, effective communication, leadership, broad & global perspectives, understanding human motivation, setting objectives, and analytical problem solving.  Using case studies, we will explore applications such as performance, project, crisis, and conflict management.

Critical Thinking & Problem Solving

Critical thinking is the foundation for analytic decision making.  Students will learn to frame problems, define objectives, recognize information needs, analyze fact, value, and policy issues, evaluate options, design creative solutions, and develop implementation plans.  Using case studies, students will apply these skills to a variety of business problems.

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