International Affairs
Spring 2018

INAF 315R Topic: International Law
Due to the increasingly interconnected world, a basic understanding of international law can help students to better follow contemporary politics. This course will offer an overview of international law and legal frameworks. It will explain the role and place of non-state actors in international law; map out the different patterns of interaction between law and politics; and discuss compliance issues. Specific topics will include international treaties and legislation, nongovernmental organizations, human rights, environmental protection, and world trade.

INAF 315S Topic: Analytical Techniques
This course will provide students with a review of several popular analytical frameworks used by NGO, financial services, military, and intelligence analysts to simplify complex geopolitical and economic problems and explore conceptual solutions.  The course will focus on qualitative and intuitive methods of structured analysis, the arguments for and against their use, and on practical use of these models to persuade target audiences to approve favored courses of action.

INAF 459 Sem: Arab Spring Revolutions in 2011
In early 2011, Tunisia, Egypt, Yemen, and other Arab countries experienced popular uprisings to bring down old authoritarian leaders and demand democratic rule. This course analyzes the background factors of each country, while examining the different revolutionary outcomes. Students interpret these historical events in terms of general theories about social movements and revolutions around the world.