Fall 2017 Guide to Major/Minor for Music

Core Requirement
MUS 151 Theory I
MUS 153 Keyboard Harmony I
MUS 251 Theory III
MUS 361 Music History I

Major Elective
MUS 223 Singing Diction
MUS 227 Song Writing I
MUS 286 Intro to Sound Recording
MUS 290 Basic Conducting
MUS 292 Intro to Music Business
MUS 301 Recording Practicum
MUS 305E Topic: Music in Time and Place
MUS 305L Topic: String Pedagogy
MUS 305M Topic: Counterpoint Across Centuries
MUS 341 Methods: Brass
MUS 355 Practicum: Music Composition
MUS 360 Music in Global Environment
MUS 372 Survey of Jews and Music
MUS 391 Practicum: Conducting
MUS 393 Piano Pedagogy I
MUS 396 Operal Production