Fall 2017 Guide to Major/Minor for International Affairs

Cultures and Languages
ANT 200 Cultural Anthropology
ANT 301 Nutrition and Health
HBR 101 Elementary Hebrew
JPN 101 Elem Japanese I
JPN 201 Intermediate Japanese I
SPN 101 Elementary Spanish I
SPN 201 Intermediate Spanish I

Economics and Business
BUS 233 Micro & Macro Economics
BUS 245 Intl Organizational Behavior
ECO 202 Econ in Historical Perspective
ECO 370 Economics of Piracy
ECO 371 International Economic History

History and Politics
HIS 120 Decade of Decision Holocaust
INAF 301 International Relations: 21st Century Challenge
INAF 315P Soft Power: Persuasion Modern Politics

INAF 459 Sem: Arab Spring Revolts 2011