Fall 2017 Course Descriptions for Sexual, Women's and Gender Studies

SWAG 205 Introduction to Sexuality, Women's, and Gender studies
Presents feminist theory and origins of Sexuality, Women's, and Gender studies. Discusses classic texts of contemporary feminist movement. Raises consciousness about sexual stereotypes, anger, female friendships, lesbianism, mothering, violence against women, and economic power.

SWAG 225C Topic: Resisting Normalcy: Disability, Gender, and Sexuality
This course explores how women and their allies resist normalcy in terms of the body, gender, and sexuality.  This interdiscipline and intersectional course questions normalcy and challenges existing feminist theory.  A hands-on approach will utilize media and pop culture, interactive activities, film screenings, and class discussion.  As social constructions, we will ask what the body, gender, and sexuality represent and challenge.  This course explores bodily differences,  queer theory, stigma, and gender/sexuality beyond binary classifications.