Fall 2017 Course Descriptions for Languages

HBR 101 Introduction to Hebrew I
Aims for basic knowledge of modern Hebrew in both oral and written forms. Assigns readings on Jewish culture and history.

JPN 101 Elementary Japanese I
An introduction to the Japanese language, stressing speaking, listening and writing systems. JPN 101 assumes no previous study of the language.

JPN 201 Intermediate Japanese I
An intermediate-level language course which provides practice in conversation and a grammar review within the framework of the three basic skills:speaking, reading and writing. Prerequisite: JPN 102.

SPN 101 Elementary Spanish I
Grammar, readings, cultural material, intensive oral practice, optional language laboratory. Not for native speakers or advanced students.

SPN 201 Intermediate Spanish I
Reading, writing, speaking, grammar review. Prerequisite: SPN 102 or equivalent.