Fall 2017 Course Descriptions for Humanities

HUM 304 Humanities: Medieval and Renaissance
The close of ancient Roman civilization corresponds to the rise of Christian culture in Western Europe. This time, which we call the beginning of the Middle Ages, saw the Christian Church, with its changing theological positions, become the sole arbiter of style, techniques, and subject in the arts and literature. This aesthetic dynasty began to diminish in the late Middle Ages until classicism and humanism re-emerged in the Western civilization during the Italian Renaissance. In this course students will investigate the development of Medieval theology and Renaissance humanism to determine how this changing relationship between mankind and its god influenced Western creativity. Prerequisite: ENG 140 or equivalent.

HUM 306 Humanities: Modern Period
This course will focus on the art, literature, music and philosophy of the twentieth century. We will cover early modernism, postwar existentialism, the avant-garde as well as new voices in poetic protest.

HUM 315K Topic: A Survey of Superheroes
Superheroes existed well before DC Comics popularized Batman and Marvel gave us Spiderman. A study of a culture's tale of its superhero provides a window into the very values that culture deems praiseworthy. This course will work its way from the heroes of Ancient Greece and Rome to the Middle Ages and Elizabethan England to discover what makes a hero extraordinary in each culture and time period. We will culminate our study in an exploration of what literature depicts as our current definition of a superhero.