Fall 2017 Course Descriptions for Art and Art History

ARH 225 Northern Renaissance Art
Follows evolution of painting techniques and styles during 15th and 16th centuries north of the Alps. Touches upon iconography and analogies between visual arts and contemporary humanist ideas.

ART 221 Drawing and Composition
Expands the basic drawing skills of intermediate students with an emphasis on form and concept. Examines universal and personal themes in contemporary drawing. Required for majors, but suitable for nonmajors. Materials fee of $50.

ART 391 Screen Printing
Students create portfolio based on an over-arching concept and create multi-layered images using drawing fluid, photo emulsion, autographic positives and photography. Prerequisites: ART 110 or ART 120 or ART 215 orART 222 orART 230 or ART 293 or consent. Materials fee of $50.