Summer Term

Start: May 18
End: August 10

Counseling Pgm Only
Start: June 1
End: July 24

Memorial Day: May 25
Independence Day: July 3

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summer 2015

Summer Starts

Twelve Week Term:  May 18
First Six-Week Terms May 18
Second Six-Week Term: June 30 

Counseling: June 1

Summer Ends

First Six-Week Term: June 29
Second Six-Week Term: August 10
Twelve Week Term: August 10

Counseling: July 24

May 18 Tuition due by 5:00 pm - All programs except Counseling.
May 20

Last day to submit independent study proposals. Students should be aware that some academic departments have earlier submission deadlines. The Holt School will defer to the departmental deadline in such cases.

May 25 Holiday - No class meeting
June 1 Tuition due by 5:00 pm for Counseling students only
June 8 Last day to withdraw without academic panalty from first 6-week session
June 29 Last day to withdraw without academic penalty from 12-week session
July 3 Holiday - No class meeting
July 20
July 27
Last day to withdraw without academic panalty from second 6-week session
Jun 15-22 Course and Instructor Evaluation period (CIE) for first 6-week session
July 23-Aug 3 Course and Instructor Evaluation period (CIE) for 12-week and second 6-week sessions
July 7 Grades due from faculty for first 6-week session
August 12
August 14
Grades due from faculty for 12-week and second 6-week sessions (Due date changed June 24)
August 18 Gades available to students
August 31 Summer Graduation Date


No Classes on these dates.

May 25 Memorial Day
July 3 Independence Day

tuition due

Tuition is due for all Holt programs except Counseling

May 18, 2015 at 5:00 p.m. 

Deadline for Counseling only:

June 1, 2015 at 5:00 p.m.

refund & withdrawal policy

Withdrawal deadlines are strictly enforced by the Hamilton Holt School. Tuition refunds for withdrawals after the stated deadline will not be granted for:

  • change in job assignment (duties, hours, travel, etc.)
  • change in financial aid status and/or eligibility if not reported in writing to the Holt Office by the end of the first week of classes
  • lack of prerequisite knowledge or coursework
  • personal or family crisis or illness
  • relocation out of the area
  • temporary duty assignment or transfer by the military

Withdrawal exceptions are extremely rare and may be granted only by the Student Appeals Committee.

Withdrawal and refund deadlines will differ for courses offered on an intensive format. Generally, 50% for withdrawal before the second scheduled class meeting.

refund schedule

All withdrawals must be submitted in writing to the Holt School Office or Graduate Coordinator. Tuition credit is first applied to existing unpaid balance. No refunds after published dates.

Refund Schedule - full term courses only

100% refund Before first published meeting date
50%   12-week and first 6-week session - May 27
50%   Second 6-week session July 7
Counseling Only:
50%  June 2-8

Intensive courses

Withdrawal and refund deadlines will differ for courses offered on an intensive format. Generally, 50% for withdrawal before the second scheduled class meeting.

grades due

Final grades are not available for student view until all end of term processing is complete.

Grades due from instructors:

    9:00 am August 13

Grades available for student view:

    August 15

All students will receive email notification when the end of term grading process is complete. Grades are not mailed to students.  Students may view grades through FoxLink as they are received and posted in the Holt School Office. Unofficial grade reports and transcripts may be downloaded directly from FoxLink. 

dean's & president's lists

Applies to undergraduate program only. The dean and president list confirmation process may take up to ten days following the grade submission deadline.  The status reflected in FoxLink and on student records is subject to change during this time.  Students who complete all course and instructor evaluations will be granted early (immediate) viewing privileges.  Students who opt not to participate in the CIE process will be able to view grades ten days after final posting period.

payment deadline and information

Tuition deadline for Summer 2015 for all Holt programs except Counseling:

May 18 at 5:00 p.m. 

Deadline for Counseling Only

June 1 at 5:00 p.m.

Please visit the Office of the Bursar to view information regarding payment options. 

Students are held personally and financially responsible for the course enrollments, tuition, and fees they initiate through the registration process. We expect full and timely payment for all registrations. Students who cannot pay full tuition through one or a combination of acceptable methods of payment on or before the deadline must withdraw in writing prior to the deadline in order to avoid additional financial penalties.

late fees

Beginning fall 2015, in addition to a Bursar's hold, accounts with a past due balance will be subject to a monthly late payment fee on the following scale:

Past Due Balance of $200 - $999.99 $75
Past Due Balance of $1,000 - $4,999.99 $125
Past Due Blaance of $5,000 - $19,999.99 $200
Past Due Balance of $20,000 or greater 1% of Past Due Amount

Please visit the Bursar's website for addtional information. 


Note: By registering, students agree to accept full responsibility for the payment of tuition and fees. If a payment is not fulfilled or returned for insufficient funds or no approval by credit, students also agree to pay all fees associated with collection of due funds, including collection costs and attorney's fees.

non attendence policy

The Holt School does not automatically withdraw students for unpaid balances, but reserves the right to do so if such students are registered for courses that have waiting lists.  In this case, the student will be withdrawn after the payment deadline, notified of the withdrawal in writing, and receive a full relevant tuition credit. Late payment fees will remain on the student account to cover incurred administrative time and costs.

payment by financial aid

Financial aid recipients who have received the Rollins award letters may defer all or part of their payment (depending on the award) until the aid becomes available. Deferment of tuition for financial aid applicants is an extension of the payment due date. It is NOT a guarantee of eligibility for financial aid. Students are ultimately responsible for the full cost of tuition and fees. The amount of financial aid that is reflected on the student account on the date of registration is what the Holt School will consider when reviewing payments. Students have the responsibility to determine and pay any remaining balance prior to the payment deadline in order to avoid additional late payment fees. Students who anticipate financial aid and subsequently learn that aid has been reduced, denied, or withdrawn must either pay the full tuition balance or complete a written request to be withdrawn without financial penalty by the end of the first week of classes in order to avoid being held financially responsible for their classes and late payment fees. The Holt School is not involved or aware of decisions regarding the status of student aid and does not automatically withdraw. The student has responsibility for this. There is important Information About Making Schedule Changes for Florida Bright Futures Recipients. 

payment by corporate sponsors

Some employers have a billing agreement with the Rollins College Office of the Bursar. Students attending under one of these agreements must have a signed, authorized form on file in the Bursar’s Office at the time of registration in order to defer tuition payment. If the original form is not on record at the time of registration, the student may register by paying 25% of tuition due plus fees.

tuition discounts

Alumni with Bachelor's or Master's Degrees, and current adjunct faculty in academic programs are eligible for a 20% tuition discount on undergraduate course tuition. Alumni with a MA in Counseling from Rollins College are also eligible for a 20% tuition discount on graduate counseling course tuition.  Proof of employment or graduation may be required in some instances.