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Instructional design is the art and science of helping people learn. Whether that's in a classroom or where they work, the lessons and training you put together has to create measurable outcomes. This program is designed to help you do that efficiently. 

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get certified in six months

The Instructional Design Certificate at the Hamilton Holt School was developed for young adults and working professionals. During this six-month, six-course online certificate, you’ll learn how to effectively employ technology in the design, development, management and evaluation of instructional content.

Whether working in an academic or corporate setting, participants will be prepared for real-world training challenges. Additionally, students will also apply project management principles to local and virtual workgroups as well as design an actual class on a specific subject area.

For professionals who don't require a full certificate, individual classes are available and start once a month for your convenience.

ideal for educators & trainers

The program is ideal for K-12 educators, corporate trainers, HR professionals and higher-education administrators. The faculty includes long-time educators and subject-matter experts with extensive experience in online learning. And did we mention the value? For $4,795 — including textbooks — you’ll obtain knowledge that your colleagues don’t possess. Individual classes are $799 each.


The Hamilton Holt School Instructional Design certificate is a six-month, six-course online program. Students will learn how to effectively employ technology in the design, development, management and evaluation of instructional content. Apply now >>

  1. Introduction to Instructional Design

    Focuses on the practical application of instructional design principles for the development of instruction and training in academic and organizational settings.

  2. Learner Motivation and Engagement

    Enables students to create instructional programs that apply learning theories, techniques, and technologies in face-to-face, online, and blended environments for learners of all ages and abilities.

  3. Learning in The Connected Age

    Explores how social connectivity, mobility, and media change how we think of knowledge, how it is created, and how we design for it.

  4. Learning Technologies

    This course introduces students to the field of instructional technology with emphasis on using and integrating technology to improve the teaching and learning process.

  5. Introduction to eLearning

    Enables the student to develop a high-quality educational or training program that is delivered electronically and can be accessed by a wide array of devices, appropriate to the learners’ environment, situation, goals, and preferred technologies.

  6. Capstone in Instructional Design

    This course consists of a final project for the overall certificate in instructional design.

you've got questions, we've got answers

How long does the program last?

The certificate is completed in six months, covering five different courses in Instructional Design and one capstone course.  

Who is the certificate for?

The Instructional Design certificate from Rollins College is ideal for K-12 educators, corporate trainers, HR professionals and higher-education administrators.

How much does it cost?

Tuition is $4,795, and that includes all textbooks. Rollins alumni, faculty, staff, and current students receive a 10% discount on tuition for the first two sessions. If you decide to pay in full before you enroll in classes, you will receive a 10% discount.

Can I take just one or two classes?

Yes! Students can pay per class, and don't need to take classes in order, with the exception of the capstone (sixth) class. The cost per class is $799. Students who complete the capstone will receive their certificate.

How does it work?

The Rollins Instructional Design certificate is offered 100% online asynchronously. Students receive all their texts as part of the tuition, participate in interactive learning activities, conversations, and real-world projects to help build a job portfolio. 

classes starting every month

For the convenience of our students, all classes will be available on a monthly basis. Typically, a student will need to contact the admission office before the 15th of the prior month to alot enough time to start the following month.

Class dates:

Intro to Instructional Design
Monthly, starting April 4, 2016

Learner Motivation & Engagement
Monthly, starting May 2, 2016

Learning in the Connected Age
Monthly, starting June 6, 2016

Learning Technologies
Monthly, starting June 6, 2016

Introduction to eLearning
Monthly, starting June 6, 2016

Instructional Design Capstone
Monthly, starting June 6, 2016

is instructional design right for you?

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