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 EcoRollins and Sustainability Coordinators at SSREC

"The Southeast Student Renewable Energy Conference was a life-changing experience. I learned how to get more involved in my campus as well as in the community. Seeing so many students there who shared the same passion and commitment to the environment motivated me to go back to Rollins and really work to make changes. Before the conference, I wanted to stay away from politics as much as possible; however, the conference made me realize that we must go through politics in order to make big lasting changes. Our group learned how to work with administration, recruit more members, lobby officials, and encourage others to make their voices heard. Our future is in our hands, and we are the ones who need to act and inspire others to do the same."

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Eco-Rollins mission is to promote awareness, educate the campus community, and implement positive change regarding our relationship to the environment.

Eco-Rollins members are involved in all environmental initiatives held on campus.  Every year events are planned for America Recycles Day, Earth Day, Earth Hour and various other events on campus and in the community to promote awareness of environmental issues.

Sustainability Program

The Rollins College Sustainability Program began in 1999 by two Environmental Studies majors.  The student run program began as the Recycling Program and evolved into the Sustainability Program in 2009.

Mission Statement
The student-run Sustainability Program of Rollins College advocates environmental stewardship and awareness of our effect on the environment to the campus community. Through education and implementation of initiatives that enrich the appreciation for the environment, the program hopes to inspire the campus community to gain an understanding of our environment, to care for it, and to identify our active role within it.

The Sustainability Program strives to work in the institution to promote sustainable practices within Dining Services, Purchasing and Facilities Management among others. These practices can balance environmental concerns with the long-term well-being of the college.

The student run Sustainability Program strives to reinforce the awareness of a healthy environment as a top priority of Rollins College through activities on the Rollins campus and in the wider community.

Recycling Program
The Sustainability Program Coordinators monitor the recycling program on campus.
~ single-stream system recycling bottles, cans, aluminum, paper, cardboard, magazines, newspaper
~ each dorm room, academic classroom and offices, and administration offices has an individual bin for recycling
~ floors of all buildings also have larger bins to accommodate larger amounts of recycling

Rollins College Bicycle Library Program
The Sustainability Program Coordinators also monitor the student-run bicycle library program on campus.
~ there are 12 bicycles on campus for rent by students, faculty and staff for free
~ bikes can be checked out for 3 days at a time
~ bikes are checked out at the Olin Library Circulation desk and are kept in front of the Alfond Sportscenter for pickup and return

Mowbray Sustainability House of 2010
Strong/Mowbray Sustainability House of 2012

In spring 2010, a group of student from EcoRollins and the Sustainability Program applied for and were granted their own residence! 
~ The Mowbray House houses 7 students that are all passionate and compassionate environmentalists
~ The house was transformed over summer 2010 to follow the mission statement of the program:
~~~~~ organic vegetable gardens after removal of cemented parking pad
~~~~~ native plant walk after removing cemented driveway
~~~~~ above ground garden boxes for herb and medicinal plants
~~~~~ mulched with melaleuca and pine needles
~~~~~ CFL lightbulbs throughout the house
~~~~~ no-VOC interior paint
~~~~~ solar lighted walk path
~~~~~ rainbarrels

Beginning fall 2012, the Rollins Sustainability House is moving to the newly rebuilt Strong Residential Hall.  Students involved with the Sustainability Program and EcoRollins will be housed in one of the new wings.

Earth Day
Each year the Sustainability Program hosts an annual Earth Day celebration.
Past Earth Day celebrations coordinated an array of events including but not limited to:

~ The signing of the Talliores Declaration, which commits college campuses to environmental initiatives aimed at acheiving sustainability.
~ Donations for local and international environmental causes.
~ Random student giveways including canvas bags, frisbees, tye-dye shirts, native flowers
~ Local bands performing live!
~ Presentations by local organizations aimed at environmental stewardships such as the Wekiwa Springs State Park and the Audubon Birds of Prey Center.
~ Co-sponsorships by Eco-Rollins, ROC, and other Rollins College student organizations.


 Southeast schools at SSREC

[The Southeast Student Renewable Energy Conference] "It was great to meet some people who are really enthusiastic about renewable energy and their states. It is especially great because I'm not much of a politically oriented person so with the conference I was able to learn a bit more about that aspect and see that there will be good leaders. As for what I took away, I feel that the ideas of others about how to move towards a green economy are the greatest. here at Rollins, I think we have to move in steps by first engaging the community and then the politicians in order to not be overwhelmed by the issues."

Sustainability Coordinator and Rollins bicycle


Mowbray House and worm condo


Earth Day