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The interdisciplinary Environmental Studies major examines natural and cultural systems from many viewpoints -- scientific, economic, ethical, historical, political, and sociological. Students study the uses and protection of resources essential for economic development and public well-being.

The curriculum provides a foundation of knowledge that enables students to analyze and recommend actions on environmental issues, problems, and opportunities. It also offers preparation for an environmental career; broad background in several related areas of study or concentration in a particular discipline; and a basis for graduate study.

Since Florida has been at the forefront of environmental issues in recent years and has pioneered solutions, environmental studies majors at Rollins have a distinctive advantage. Courses involve students in real; environmental problems through field experiences and guest lectures.

ENVIRONMENTAL STUDIES is known for innovative off-campus activities

Join the 5th annual First Year Field Experience in Costa Rica. Experience the incredible biodiversity and stunning landscapes of “the Switzerland of the Americas.” See what it means to be a world leader in both environmental protection and sustainable development.  Find out why Costa Rica was recently named “the Happiest Place on Earth" by the New Economics Foundation. 

Please visit the International Programs website for more information and the application procedures!

Highlights of the trip include the Monteverde Cloud Forest, La Selva Biological Station in the rainforest of Sarapiqui, great volcano views from the Bosque Eterno de los Ninos, 850 species of birds, 1200 species of orchids, monkeys, sloths and the best ecotourism infrastructure in the world.  The course is taught by Barry Allen, veteran of over 25 field courses in Costa Rica.

First Year Field Experience in Costa Rica, summer 2012 student video!

Bellbird Ecology in Costa Rica!