Bruce Stephenson

Bruce Stephenson
Professor of Environmental Studies
Environmental Studies/Civic Urbanism Program, Hamilton Holt Program
Director of the Masters of Planning for Civic Urbanism, Hamilton Holt Program

Professional Interests:Genius Reserve Guidebook

Specializations: environmental planning, history of new urbanism, landscape history.
Ecological Restoration - Genius Reserve, Winter Park, Florida


Ph.D. (1988) Urban Studies and Environmental History Emory University
M.A. (1978) City and Regional Planning Ohio State University
B.A. (1976) Florida Southern College

Representative Publications:

Ecological Restoration: Cultivating the "Civilized Landscape" in the Liberal Arts. Ecological Restoration

A Vision of Green: Lewis Mumford's Legacy in Portland, Oregon.  Journal of the American Planning Association

Visions of Eden: Environmentalism, Urban Planning and City Building in St. Petersburg, Florida, 1900 - 1995. Ohio State Press

Courses Taught:

Environmental Planning ENV 389
The Art of Landscape Design ENV 215
Environmental Literature ENV 270
Civic Stewardship: Lessons in Leadership
Nature in the City ENV 289
Traditional Town Planning ENV 302
Environmental Design ENV 315
Senior Seminar in Environmental Issues ENV 413
Icons of Paradise: Rollins College and Winter Park ENV 205I
Into the Wild RCC 100
Civic Design INT 255M
Civitas: Making Sense of Community  Honors 200

Field Courses:

Landscapes of Promise: Oregon Field Study ENV 215
Traditional Town Planning ENV 302