Joseph Siry


Joseph V. Siry [Sabbatical academic year 2013/2014]
Associate Professor of Environmental Studies
Master of Liberal Studies Program

Professional Interests:

Specializations: conservation history, the history of science and technology, energy conservation and resource use, international environmental politics, global ecology, wilderness field studies, and service learning. 
Problem-based learning, field-based environmental education
Rollins - Apopka Area Community Partnership


Ph.D. (1981) History University of California at Santa Barbara
M.A. (1978) History University of California at Santa Barbara
B.A. (1971) History (High Honors) Emory University

Courses Taught:
                    History of Technology: Tools of Toil ENV 260
                    American Environmental History ENV 280
                    Topic: Advocate Environmental Reform ENV 305
                    Topic: Nature Along the Coast ENV 105
                    Topic: Global Climate Change ENV 315
                    Islands in the Stream ENV 347
                    Caribbean Environmental History ENV 206
                    Wilderness and the American Mind ENV 377
                    Science and Policy in the Atomic Age ENV308
                    Darwin and the Darwinian Revolution MLS 567
                    Environmental Planning ENV 389
                    Milestones of Modern Science MLS 605
                    Science, Technology and Environment RCC 100

Field Courses
                    Recovery and Regeneration: Experience restoring New Orleans INT 215K