Lee Lines

Dr. Lee Lines
Professor of Environmental Studies and Chair


Professional Interests:

Physical geography, sustainable development, food and sustainability,
tropical environments, appropriate scale, western North America.


Ph.D. in Geography     Arizona State University (1995)
M.A. in Geography      University of Florida (1989)
B.A. in Geography       University of Florida (1987)

 Recent Teaching Awards:

Cornell Distinguished Teaching Award, Rollins College  – 2012
Diane and Michael Maher Chair of Distinguished Teaching – 2006 to 2011
Hugh McKean Award (from graduating seniors in recognition of outstanding teaching) – 2009

 Recent Courses Taught:

Food, Culture, and Environment  ENV 305J
Conservation of Biodiversity  ENV 323Costa Rica
American Rivers  ENV 305L
Senior Seminar in Environmental Studies  ENV 413
Environment and Development in the Andes  ENV 305
Images of the Environment as Seen Through Film  ENV 372
The Geosphere  ENV 130

Fieldbased Teaching Experience:

Costa Rica (May 2012, Jan 2001, Feb 1998, Mar 1997)
Oregon (October 2009 and May 2005)
California (October 2007)  Ecuador (May 2009)
Dominica (Jan 2002 and July 1999)
Peruvian Amazon (Jan 2003, Jan 1999, Jan 1998)
Vietnam and Singapore (May 2006)
Southern Utah (May 1999)

 Recent Publications:

Lines, Lee, Rachel Simmons and Moriah Russo. 2011. Art and Environmental Design in the Icelandic Landscape.  Proceedings of the Twenty-fifth Annual National Conference on Liberal Arts and the Education of Artists: School of Visual Arts.

Michael Kuby, Lee Lines, Zhixiao Xie, Ronald Schultz, JongGeun Kim and Seow Lim.  2009.  Optimization of Hydrogen Stations in Florida Using the Flow-Refueling Location Model.  International Journal of Hydrogen Energy 34, 6045-6064.

Allen, Barry, Lee Lines, and Debra Hamilton. 2008. The Economic Importance of Extending Habitat Protection Beyond Park Boundaries: A Case Study from Costa Rica. The George Wright Forum: Journal of Parks, Protected Areas, and Cultural Sites.

Recent Presentations:

Lines, Lee and Barry Allen.  Beyond the Classroom: Energizing Student Engagement Through a Full Semester Immersion Experience.  7th Annual Summit on Transforming Learning, Rollins College, Winter Park FL, 2012.

Simmons, Rachel, Lee Lines, and Moriah Russo.  A Visual Study of Appropriate Scale in the Landscapes of Iceland.  Southeastern College Art Conference, Savannah College of Art and Design, Savannah GA, 2011.

Lines, Lee, Rachel Simmons and Moriah Russo.  Art and Environmental Design in the Icelandic Landscape.  School of Visual Arts: Twenty-fifth Annual National Conference on Liberal Arts and the Education of Artists, New York, 2011.