Barry Allen


Barry Allen
Associate Professor of Environmental Studies

Professional Interests:

Specializations: environmental economics, national park policy, and sustainable development, globalization.


Ph.D (1979) Graduate Group in Economic History University of Pennsylvania
B.A. (1970) Major: Economics, Minor: Geography University of Miami
London School of Economics & Political Science

Courses taught:

Island Economics & Sustainability in the Caribbean ENV 375
Sustainable Development ENV 348
Environmental Crisis in its Cultural Context ENV 189
Political Economy of Environmental Issues ENV 292
National Parks & Protected Areas ENV 353
Images of the Environment in Film ENV 372
Case Studies in Sustainable Development ENV 350
Senior Seminar in Environmental Studies ENV 413
The Amazon: Sustainable Development or Environmental Destruction ENV 236
Wilderness Landscapes of the American West ENV 232
Environmental Economics ECO 355
Globalization HON 401
The Concept of Utopia in Western Thought RCC 100
America's Gifts: Baseball, Jazz and National Parks RCC 100Barry, Noel, Steffanie

Field Courses

Sustainable Development in Malaysia & Singapore POL 325
Sustainable Development in Costa Rica (ACS program)
Sustainable Development of the Amazon Basin ENV 385
Environment and Development in Central America ENV 365
First Year Costa Rica Experience