Professional Writing Minor

Requirements for the Professional Writing Minor

The concentration in professional writing offers courses for students interested in writing in the public arenas of civic life, the academy, and the professional world. Grounded in rhetorical theory, the courses provide humanistic, critical, and practical study of writing in specific genres, disciplines, and media. Over the last half-century technological developments have provided radical new means of communication and led to significant cultural shifts. More than ever, writers need a critical understanding of the rhetorical processes underlying communication in various media and the problem-solving skills to face continual technological and cultural change. In addition to obtaining a rhetorical understanding of communication, students will gain basic practical knowledge of how new communication technologies work and hone their writing skills through practice in specific genres and disciplines. Successful students will emerge as reflective and articulate writers able to contribute effectively to civic, academic, and professional endeavors in the twenty-first century.

Students seeking a minor in writing with a professional writing concentration take three (3) courses and three (3) electives.


•ENG 209 Introduction to Professional Writing

•ENG 211 Visual Rhetoric for Writers

•ENG 276 Writing for the Future OR ENG 277 Writing in the Community


  • ENG 210 Language and Power
  • ENG 260 Writer’s Studio
  • ENG 267 Topics/Techniques in Writing
  • ENG 268 Writing Intensives
  • ENG 271 Personal Writing
  • ENG 273 Journalistic Writing I
  • ENG 276 Writing for the Future
  • ENG 277 Writing in the Community
  • ENG 295 Studies in Nonfiction Writing
  • ENG 360 Creative Nonfiction Workshop
  • ENG 361 Writing for the Professions
  • ENG 367 Creative Writing Workshop
  • ENG 374 Editing Essentials
  • ENG 375 The Critic’s Role—Review Writing
  • ENG 380 Language Studies
  • ENG 385 Prose Style
  • ENG 392 Environmental Writing
  • ENG 396 Journal Production: SPECS
  • ENG 397 Internship in Writing
  • ENG 459 Writer’s Portfolio
  • ENG 467 Adv. Creative Writing Workshop
  • ENG 475 Creative Writing Colloquy
  • ENG 482 Writing for Publication
  • ENG 497 Internship in Writing

Professional Writing Minor Map for Students and Advisors (pdf)

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