English Major

The Department of English curriculum offers a flexible and challenging set of opportunities that allows all students to experience a wide range of approaches to literature and writing. In addition to offering students a variety of choices in English, American and World Literature, the department provides a broad selection of writing courses.

Requirements for the Major

Students majoring in English are required to complete the following program of courses. A minimum of twelve (12) courses is required and must include six (6) core courses and six (6) electives. Majors must also submit a representative senior portfolio on or before April 23 for May graduation, October 31 for December graduation (the Friday before if the date falls on a weekend) and participate in a graduation conversation with faculty. Students majoring in English are encouraged to develop their majors in close consultation with an English Department faculty advisor.


•ENG 201 Major English Writings I

•ENG 202 Major English Writings II

•ENG 221 Topics in World Literature

•ENG 303 Historical Approaches to American Literature

•ENG 304 Genre Study in American Literature

•ENG 374 Editing Essentials OR ENG 380 Language Studies: Readers and Writers


•Six (6) elective courses in English are required.

•At least three (3) must be at the 300 level or higher.

•At least one (1) must be at the 400 level or higher.


ENG 140 Writing About: Selected Topics may not be used as an elective in the English major.

English Major Map for Students and Advisors (pdf)

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