Creative Writing Minor

Requirements for the Creative Writing Minor

The concentration in creative writing complements Rollins' mission of liberal education by providing a sequence of courses emphasizing the writing of fiction, poetry, and creative nonfiction. For English majors and other appreciators of literature, the concentration provides a bridge between students' study of the literary canon and their understanding of the creative process that produced it. For students in any major, the literary genre-based courses of this curriculum examine the art and craft of producing good writing and, in addition, provide close study of the work of successful contemporary authors. The creative writing concentration makes use of the workshop method, giving students extensive practice in producing and critiquing texts. Among the practicing writers teaching the courses of this minor are two writers-in-residence whose published works are nationally acclaimed.

Students seeking a minor in writing with a concentration in creative writing take three (3) core courses and three (3) electives:


•ENG 167 Introduction to Creative Writing

•ENG 367 Creative Writing Workshop OR ENG 360 Creative Nonfiction Workshop

•ENG 475 Creative Writing Colloquy (must be taken in the senior year)


  • ENG 209   Intro. to Professional Writing                         
  • ENG 210   Language and Power                                            
  • ENG 211   Visual Rhetoric for Writers                                  
  • ENG 260   Writer’s Studio                                         
  • ENG 267   Topics/Techniques in Writing                  
  • ENG 268   Writing Intensives                                    
  • ENG 271   Personal Writing                                        
  • ENG 273   Journalistic Writing I                                
  • ENG 276   Writing for the Future                              
  • ENG 277   Writing in the Community                        
  • ENG 295   Studies in Nonfiction Writing                   
  • ENG 360   Creative Nonfiction Workshop                
  • ENG 361   Writing for the Professions                                  
  • ENG 367   Creative Writing Workshop          
  • ENG 373   Journalistic Writing II
  • ENG 374   Editing Essentials
  • ENG 375  The Critic’s Role—Review Writing
  • ENG 380   Language Studies
  • ENG 385   Prose Style
  • ENG 392   Environmental Writing
  • ENG 396   Journal Production: SPECS
  • ENG 397   Internship in Writing
  • ENG 459   Writer’s Portfolio
  • ENG 467   Adv. Creative Writing Workshop
  • ENG 482   Writing for Publication
  • ENG 497   Internship in Writing

Creative Writing Minor Map for Students and Advisors (pdf)

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