Academic Programs

Admission to the Rollins College Teacher Education Program (TEP) is contingent on the following:

  1. Attainment and retention of an overall GPA of at least 2.5.
  2. Passing score on the GK(General Knowledge Test).
  3. Submission of 1-S Form (Application to Education) with essay.

Students may apply for admission to the Teacher Education Program as early as their freshman year, and are encouraged to apply no later than the fall semester of their sophomore year.

Forms are available online or in the education department office, as are registration materials for the FTCE and ETEP guidelines.

The Director of Teacher Education notifies applicants of acceptance or reason for denial. Students must be admitted to the Teacher Education Program before enrolling in courses limited to majors and certification students.

Rollins Department of Education is comprised of four (4) degree-seeking programs, three of which are Florida State Approved.

1. Undergraduate Program in Elementary Education (w/ ESOL endorsement).

2. Undergraduate Programs in Secondary Education (6- 12) (for those who want to be Middle or High School teachers).
    - Math
    - Chemistry
    - Biology
    - Modern Language (Spanish, French) (K-12)
    - Physics
    - English (ESOL endorsement)
    - Social Science
    - Music (K-12)
    - Drama

3. Graduate Program in Elementary Education (w/ ESOL endorsement) which leads to a Master of Arts in Teaching (M.A.T.).

4. Graduate Program in Elementary Education which leads to a Master of Education (M.Ed.).
**Program specified for elementary school teachers with professional certification only.**


1. Undergraduate Programs

To apply, call 407-646-2242 or download an application. Non-students should contact admissions at 407-646-2161.

NOTE: the Department of Education strongly encourages students to apply before the beginning of their sophomore year to insure on-time graduation.

2. Graduate Master's of Teaching (MAT) Program

To apply, contact Amber Taylor at or 407-646-1568 or follow the following steps:
    A. Apply for admission to the Hamilton Holt Graduate Program
    B. Complete 1-S form for application to Teacher Education

3. Graduate M.Ed. Program

To apply, contact Amber Taylor at or 407-646-1568.

Requirements for Elementary Education Major

Fifteen (15) courses and a semester of supervised student teaching are required of the elementary education major.

Core Courses

(Required of ALL students, including those seeking secondary ed certification)

A. Sociological Foundations:

  • EDU 271 School and Society AND
  • EDU 280 Diversity in American Education

B. Psychological Foundations:

  • EDU 272 Educational Psychology

Elementary Course Sequence

  • EDU 324 Curriculum Development for Diverse Learners
  • EDU 309 Fundamentals of Reading
  • EDU 371 Diagnosis of Reading Difficulties
  • EDU 406 Teaching and Learning: Diverse Elementary Schools*
  • EDU 409 Literacy and Content Area Instruction*
  • EDU 409L Literacy Lab*
  • ***************************************************
  • EED 317 Music for Elementary Schools
  • EED 318 Art for Elementary Schools
  • EED 363 Social Studies for Elementary Schools
  • EED 364 Science for Elementary Schools
  • EED 367 Health and Physical Education for Elementary Schools
  • EED 368 Mathematics for Elementary Teachers: Content and Methods
  • EED 369 Children's Literature

* These courses require co-registration

Secondary Education Minor

Students who intend to teach in middle or high schools are encouraged to contact Associate Professor Hewit at or 407-646- 2300 before their junior year to plan their program of study. Students must complete a major in one of the areas listed below in addition to the courses listed. The following majors are available for secondary certification:

  • Biology
  • Chemistry
  • English
  • Foreign Languages (Spanish, French)
  • Mathematics
  • Music
  • Physics
  • Social Science
  • Theatre Arts

With proper course selection, students majoring in any social or behavioral science may qualify for certification in social studies. Since certification in music and foreign languages covers grades K-12, all music majors must enroll in EED 317 Music for Elementary Schools, and all foreign language majors must enroll in EED 355 Teaching (Modern Language) in the Elementary School. In addition, secondary certification students must complete the following courses:

  • EDU 324 Curriculum Development for Diverse
  • EDU 407 Teaching and Learning
  • EDU 335 Content Area Reading: Secondary Schools
  • EDU 417 Teaching (Particular Subject) in Secondary Schools
  • EDU 417L Teaching (Particular Subject) in Secondary Schools

**NOTE: EDU 417 and EDU 417L require concurrent registration.

Student Teaching

All elementary education majors and secondary education minors must complete a teaching internship in the area of certification. Graded on a credit/no credit basis, student teaching involves working full time for fifteen (15) weeks in an approved area school. Juniors and seniors may apply for student teaching after meeting the following requirements:

  • Passing score on the Professional Education Test of the FTCE;
  • Completion of prerequisites for EDU 490 or 491 and EDU 470; and
  • GPA of 2.5 cumulative and 2.5 in the major and minor.
  • NOTE: Program completion is contingent on completing the FTCE (General Knowledge Test, Professional Education Test, and Subject Area Exam).

Undergraduates must submit applications for student teaching to the Director of Field Placements Margot Fadool by February 20 for fall placement or September 20 for spring placement. After approval for student teaching, seniors enroll in the following courses during fall or spring.

  • EDU 490 Student Teaching: Elementary or EDU 491 Student Teaching: Secondary (12 credits).
  • EDU 470 Competencies for the Beginning Teacher (4 credits).
  • NOTE: Anyone not approved for student teaching has the right to appeal to the education review committee.

ESOL Endorsment

All elementary education majors and English teacher certification minors must successfully complete the coursework required for the Florida ESOL endorsement. Coursework for elementary education majors includes EDU 271, EDU 280, EDU 309, EDU 324, EDU 371, EDU 406, EDU 409, and EDU 490.

Coursework for English (6-12) minors includes EDU 271, EDU 280, EDU 324, EDU 335, EDU 407, and EDU 491. These courses are part of the already existing state-approved teacher certification programs in elementary education and English (6-12).

"One looks back with appreciation to the brilliant teachers, but with gratitude to those who touched our human feelings. The curriculum is so much necessary raw material, but warmth is the vital element for the growing plant and for the soul of the child."

Carl Jung