Dr. Wendy Brandon  

Wendy Brandon

Associate Professor of Education

Ed.D., Teachers College, Columbia University.

Brandon's teaching areas include social foundations of education and multicultural education research methods. Her research analyzes the role of race, class, and gender in school success. Currently she is completing a manuscript entitled Teaching for Global Consciousness.

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Dr. Margot Fadool  

Margot Fadool

Assistant Professor of Education

Ed.D., University of Cincinnati.

Fadool's research interests include reading attitudes, writing workshop and technology in education.

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Dr. Scott Hewit   

J. Scott Hewit

Associate Professor and Director of Teacher Education

B.S. Elementary Education, SUNY Plattsburgh; M.S. Elementary Education/Reading, Indiana University; Ed.D. Early Childhood Education, Ball State University

Dr. Hewit teaches courses in instructional strategies, special needs, and curriculum.  His research interests include candidate impact on P-12 student learning, public policy, and education in Rwanda.

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Dr. Jim McLaughlin

H. James McLaughlin

Professor and Richard James Mertz Chair of Education

B.A. in Political Science, University of Kansas. Master’s work at University of Wisconsin-Madison. Ph.D. in Curriculum and Instruction, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill

Dr. McLaughlin teaches courses in curriculum development and analysis, social foundations of education, and global perspectives of education.  His scholarly interests include the education of Latino students, education in rural schools in Latin America, and the history of the education of immigrants in the U.S.A.

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Gio Valiante  

Giovanni Valiante

Professor of Educational Psychology

B.S. Elementary Education, University of Florida; M.S. Elementary Education/Educational Psychology, University of Florida; Ph.D. Educational Psychology, Emory University.

Dr. Valiante teaches courses in educational psychology, educational statistics, motivation, and sport psychology. His research interests include academic motivation, student and teacher self-efficacy, standardized testing, and developmental psychology.

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Dr. Jie Yu  

Jie Yu

Assistant Professor of Education

B.A. Pedagogy, East China Normal University; M.A. Curriculum and Instruction, East China Normal University; PhD, Curriculum and Instruction, Louisiana State University

Dr. Yu teaches foundations, math methods, and multicultural courses in education. Her major research interests include curriculum studies, classroom teaching and learning, phenomenology, narrative inquiry, and multicultural education.

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