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Department of Education

Faculty & Staff

Meet the dedicated faculty and staff of the Rollins Department of Education.


Wendy Brandon

Wendy Brandon

Associate Professor of Education

Cornell Social Sciences Building - Room 108

T. 407.646.2313

Ed.D., Teachers College, Columbia University

Professor Brandon's teaching areas include sociology of education, gendered citizenship and education, feminist research methodologies, and qualitative inquiry in education.  Her research addresses the relationships between social class, race, and gender in school success and education, and equality in a global context.

Angela Griner

Angela Griner

Visiting Professor of Education

Cornell Social Sciences Building – Room 253A

T. 407.646.2305

B.A., Southeastern University
M.A., University of South Florida
Ed.D., University of Central Florida

Dr. Griner teaches courses in literacy, classroom management, and supervision for student teachers.  Her research interests include developing culturally responsive and inclusive literacy practices in teacher education programs, the role of mental health and trauma-informed practices in the teaching learning process, and creative expression as an integrative approach towards inclusive, healing-centered pedagogies.

J. Scott Hewit

J. Scott Hewit

Associate Professor and Director of Teacher Education

Cornell Social Sciences Building – Room 243

T. 407.646.2300

B.S. SUNY Plattsburgh
M.S. Indiana University
Ed.D. Ball State University

Professor Hewit teaches courses in curriculum and instructional strategies, and supervises clinical experiences in elementary and secondary education.  He also provides students with the opportunity to work with a large, poor rural school in Rwanda every other summer, teaching English, working directly with children in the classroom, and developing business plans for sustainable projects in the community.  His current scholarly interests include innovative instructional strategies in Rwanda, emerging technology in developing nations, and educational policy across the globe.

Jenn Manak

Jenn Manak

Associate Professor, Reading/ESOL Coordinator, and Director of Field Internships

Cornell Social Sciences Building – Room 246

T. 407.646.2136

Ph.D. in Education, Curriculum and Instruction, University of Florida

Dr. Manak teaches literacy courses infused with strategies to support culturally and linguistically diverse students.  Her research interests include the interconnected nature of reading and writing instruction, the impact of culturally responsive and inclusive pedagogies on diverse students' literacy learning, and education in Latin America.

H. James McLaughlin

H. James McLaughlin

Professor and Richard James Mertz Chair of Education

Cornell Social Sciences Building – Room 241

T. 407.646.2718

B.A., University of Kansas
Master's Work at University of Wisconsin-Madison
Ph.D., University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill

Dr. McLaughlin teaches courses in curriculum development and analysis, social foundations of education, and global perspectives of education. His current scholarly interests include the education of Latino students in the USA, the history of the education of immigrants in the USA, and the education of Muslim immigrants in the Netherlands.  He leads field study groups on trips to the Netherlands to learn about the education and socialization of immigrants, and to do photo documentary projects with Dutch school children.  

Debra Wellman

Debra Wellman

Professor of Education, Emerita

B.S., Illinois College
M.S., Eastern Illinois University
Ph.D., University of Toldedo

Dr. Wellman teaches courses in literacy, children’s literature, social studies methods, content area reading, and student teaching.  Her research interests include the impact of field experiences on preservice teachers, book clubs as a model for discussion based learning, and content area instruction. Dr. Wellman’s co-authored book, Vibrant Learning: An Integrative Approach to Teaching Content Area Disciplines was released in June 2018. 

Jie Yu

Jie Yu

Associate Professor of Education and Department Chair

Cornell Social Sciences Building – Room 244

T. 407.646.2702

B.A., East China Normal University
M.A., East China Normal University
Ph.D., Louisiana State University

Dr. Yu teaches courses in curriculum theory, multicultural education, elementary math methods, and student teaching.  She also leads a summer field study of Teaching Practicum in China every other year, in which Rollins students teach English across the grades 1-6 in public elementary school.  Her major research interests include curriculum studies, narrative inquiry, phenomenology, and multicultural education.  Dr. Yu is currently serving as Department Chair.


Cathy Fuller

Cathy Fuller

Administrative Assistant

Cornell Social Sciences Building – Room 253

T. 407.646.2242