Student Organizations

Student Organizations and their individual members can be held responsible for violations of College policies and/or other policies applicable to the organization.  In addition to other considerations deemed appropriate by the Office of Community Standards and Responsibility, an event will be considered an organization-sponsored activity under one or more of the following conditions:

1. Fraternity or sorority misconduct does not need to be officially sanctioned by the leadership of an organization or by the entire organization membership in order to be considered grounds for possible judicial action against the organization.


2. There is no minimum number of members who must be involved in an incident before disciplinary action may be taken against an organization; in some cases, the misconduct of a single member may prove sufficient grounds for disciplinary action to be taken against an entire organization. 


3. Funded by participants or the organization’s collective budget, which includes “passing the hat”.


4. The event is advertised and the advertisement makes any mention of the organization, and/or the organization creates or causes to be created any promotional materials for the activity.


5. The activity is discussed during an organization meeting; information about the activity is distributed during a meeting; and/or the activity is mentioned in the minutes of a meeting.


6. Participants or observers consider, refer to, or classify the event as an organization event.


7. The incident occurs in the residence hall affiliated with the organization.


If an organization is involved in an alleged violation of the Code and/or other policies applicable to the organization, the organization can choose to engage in either the partnership process or the College hearing process.  Please note that in cases of dangerous misconduct, the College may require the organization to go through the College hearing process.  A flow chart of the process can be found here.