Get Involved



Community Hearing Council (CHC) is a great way for students to get involved and make a difference on campus. 


What is CHC?

Community Hearing Council (CHC) is an important part of the Office of Community Standards and Responsibility.  CHC is a panel of students that is trained to conduct hearings with students that may have violated College policy. CHC members are student leaders who educate their peers on Rollins community standards and hold them accountable for their behavior.

Why join CHC?

CHC is a great way to become an active part of the community. It allows you become more aware of how a community functions and grows based on the decisions individuals make. CHC also helps develop leadership skills and gives you a unique experience by working with other students and the Office of Community Standards and Responsibility.


What can I expect if I join CHC?

You can expect to meet new people and have the opportunity to discuss challenging issues. You will have the opportunity to hold your fellow students accountable for their behavior and help them reflect on decisions that they have made. CHC meets one evening a week for two hours.


How do I apply to be on CHC?

Please fill out an application and return it to the Office of Community Standards and Responsibility. All CHC members must be in good judicial standing with the College.  If you have questions about CHC or the application process, please contact Justin Andrade at (407) 691-1730.