Frequently Asked Questions

These Frequently Asked Questions address many of the questions we have received from parents.  Please contact us if you have a question that is not answered below or if you would like additional information.


 My child told me that they were involved in an incident and had been documented.  What happens next?

Your student will receive a letter via their Rollins e-mail account with information on the hearing process and how to proceed.  Information on the entire hearing process can be found here.


 Will I be notified if my child violates College policy?

We encourage students to speak with their parents when they are involved in the hearing process.  We also encourage students to sign a release of information form, which gives us permission to discuss the incident with you.  More information about parental notification can be found here.


I received a letter in the mail telling me that my child has been found responsible for violating the College's alcohol policy.  How should I respond to this letter?

We hope that this letter is not the first time that you are hearing about this incident.  We encourage students to speak with their parents prior to the letter being sent home.  It is our hope that you will discuss the incident with your child.  This can be a good opportunity for you to speak honestly with your child about your expectations and support them in making responsible choices.


My child is going through the hearing process.  How can I help them?

We hope that you will speak with your child about the incident and encourage them to take responsibility for their actions.  Your child will benefit from your support as they navigate the hearing process.  We encourage you to let your child work through the process instead of offering to handle everything for them.  The hearing process is designed to be educational in nature and we have found that going through the process is a learning experience for most students.


Can I serve as an advisor in the hearing process?

Students may have an advisor present during their hearing.  Parents are able to serve as an advisor.  The role of the advisor is to support the student; therefore, the student will be expected to answer all questions.  If you would like more information about serving as an advisor to your student, please contact us.

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