Information for Advisors

Students are entitled to have an advisor assist them in preparation of the hearing.  The advisor may also accompany the student to their hearing. The adviser must be either a member of the Rollins College faculty, staff or student body or the accused student’s parent.  (The accused student may request that special permission be given by the Director of Community Standards and Responsibility, in the Director’s sole discretion, for an adviser who does not meet the listed criteria.)  The role of the advisor during the hearing is to support the student.  The advisor does not have a speaking role.  Since our process is educational in nature, the student must answer all questions.  The advisor may write notes and/or whisper to the student during the hearing.  If the advisor is unable to follow these guidelines, they will be issued a warning and may be asked to leave the hearing.

Prior to the hearing, the advisor may contact the Office of Community Standards and Responsibility to review the hearing process and clarify any questions.  In order for us to be able to discuss information specifically related to the student, we must have a signed release of information giving us permission to disclose information to the advisor.

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