Student Support Foundation

The Student Support Foundation is a student-run initiative that has a small pot of funding from the Morgridge Family Foundation to allocate each semester in order to promote the development and participation of Rollins students in becoming global citizens and responsible leaders.



  • Rollins students that have demonstrated financial need
  • Rollins faculty/staff member who have exhausted other potential resources to start/continue projects that directly affect the well-being of Rollins students


Financial Assistance areas of short-term and long-term focus:  

  1. Scholarly- Books, school-related supplies, gowns/graduation materials, honor society dues, conference costs
  2. Personal- Emergency travel, food, clothing
  3. Community- Rollins Immersion trip deposits, leadership development event costs, student organization dues (including fraternity/sorority dues)


If you have any questions about the application process, or if you are eligible to apply for funding or the Student Support Foundation in general please e-mail William Glass.
In order to apply please fill out the application. Also, please make sure to submit a separate, itemized budget sheet and e-mail it to the Student Support Foundation.


If you are interested in being a part of the SSF team, or want to get involved with this unique opportunity please e-mail Sofia Macias and refer to the history of the Student Support Foundation.

The SSF Team:
President - William Glass
Student Outreach Coordinator - Sofia Macias
Logistical Coordinator - Ed Leffler
Secretary - Rachel Gonzalez

Community Engagement