Rollins Relief
“I wish we had some other word than ‘service’ for this kind of work. Service implies that we are giving something of ourselves away to other people. The best service experiences I’ve had have always left me feeling like there was no way I could ever repay that place or those people for what they’ve given me.”

-Sam Barns ’10

Rollins Relief, A Three-Fold Narrative:Rollins Relief

All disasters have three stories. The first is the storm itself: landfall, immediate destruction and devastation. The second is the aftermath: the statistics, the damage, and recovery. The final story is rebuilding.

Rollins Relief’s most successful and ambitious relief opportunity is with the Katrina Relief Program. Hurricane Katrina had three stories. The storm washed away hundreds of thousands of homes displacing families across the nation, and one of the greatest cities in the United States was practically wiped out. Rollins Relief responded by teaming up with Habitat for Humanity. The first four recovery teams worked on gutting homes in St. Bernard Parish, located just several miles outside of Downtown New Orleans. The next five teams partnered on rebuilding in the upper and lower ninth wards. The third story of Katrina has yet to be written. Rollins Relief provides service learning by educating its students, offering life changing experiences, and self-fulfilling engagement in the greater community.






Rollins ReliefRollins Relief…the Continued Story:

In January of 2011, Rollins Relief completed its’ 10th journey to New Orleans in partnership, again, with Habitat for Humanity, rebuilding communities with locals and with each other, and by studying the disaster through film, text, and local engagement.

Rollins Relief is not limited to Katrina Relief. Its mission is to be active in the local community and have the ability to respond rapidly to disaster. In recent years, Rollins Relief has also responded to the aftermath of local tornados and international disasters, including the earthquake in Haiti and tsunami in Japan.


Faculty/Staff Advisors:

Marissa Corrente (Assistant Director - Office of Community Engagement) -

Larry Eng-Wilmont (Professor of Chemistry) -

Greg Fisher (Safety and Emergency Planning Coordinator) -

Joe Siry (Professor of Environmental Studies) –


Student Officers:

President: Eric Rench

Immersion Facilitators: Kathryn Krebs and Camilla Fernandes

Fundraising Coordinator: Open

Events Coordinator: Rachael Munoz

Social Media Coordinator: Sandra Moreno

Print and Unique Media Coordinator: Talia Guerrero

C.E.R.T. Training Coordinator: Lance Rider

Secretary: Open

Community Engagement