Join Us in Making Progress

“It only takes one event to get a student—or faculty member—hooked. Our events are about small moments that you take away with you, such as the child you bond with at Give Kids the World Village, or the wall you build at Habitat for Humanity. Being a part of JUMP, I feel so much more connected to Rollins now, and I try to think every day about at least one thing I can do to make someone else’s life better.”

-Amanda Wittebort ’13


Join us in our adventure! Make progress by connecting and engaging in events, programs, and initiatives that make a difference in communities across Central Florida. JUMP (Join Us in Making Progress) provides Rollins College students, faculty, and staff the opportunity for personal growth and experiential education through campus and community involvement.

JUMP events are open to all members of the Rollins College community, including friends and families.

To become involved with JUMP, or to create your own initiative, please contact
the JUMP committee.

Student Coordinators:

Emily Roos at
Lauren Chisner at
Nikki Rodgers at

Committee members:

Marketing Co-Chairs: Sarah Carmany, Camilla Fernandes   
Arts & Culture: Caitriona Kagan   
Civic Engagement: My Tien Doan   
Environmental and Animal Chair: Kassandra Berger   
Health and Wellness: Kara Russell   
Hunger, Homelessness, and Poverty Co-Chairs: Ellen Jones, Heather (Anna) Keeler     
Youth and Education: Taylor Wejkszner, Lindokuhle Ngwenya

JUMP Advisor: 

Gabrielle Feulner at



If JUMP does not have a project that sparks your interest, the Office of Community Engagement may be able to aid you in your initiative. Contact Yadira Elrod for more information.

Stay connected by joining JUMP's Facebook group!

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