Immersion: Citizens Take Action



“Immersions have been the most transformative experiences for me. It’s not just learning about the topic, but learning about conflict resolution and leadership. I feel so much more in tune with who I am as a person now and so much more empowered to lead and set an example. Working with other people in the process is amazing, but learning all these things about myself and who I really am is maybe just as important.”  -Lucas Hernandez ’13


BIG Challenges. TOUGH Questions. LARGE Impacts.

Rollins Immersion exposes students to critical cultural, social, political and structural issues in the community through weekend and weeklong projects of civic and community engagement throughout the academic year. For an overview of the program's structure, click here.

Vision and Mission

Mission:  Rooted in the academic mission of Rollins to educate students for global citizenship and responsible leadership Rollins Immersion is the commitment to engage students, faculty, and staff in communities in Florida and beyond through weekends (and sometimes and week-long) experiences of education, reflection, and action.  

Vision:  Through direct community engagement, leadership development, multicultural education, discussion and pre/reflection activities students will be immersed in the big challenges and questions that face communities in the 21st Century. 

Through Rollins Immersion participants are taken outside the Rollins community borders and immersed in activities and projects based on need-areas identified by community agencies and Rollins.  Trained faculty, staff and student site leaders provide direction and support for participants during their weekend journey of education, reflection and action. 

Students will be involved in an experience that gets to the core of active citizenship.


Learn what students say about the Immersion expereince.

Watch Videos from Past Trips

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Immersion Planning Team:

   Meredith Hein (Staff Advisor):

   Courtney Banker:

   Ian Seddon:

   Michaela O'Driscoll:

   Jon Perry:

   Raul Carril:


If you are planning on participating in or proposing an Immersion, you may need the following documents: Faculty Proposal Form, Faculty Requirements, Student Proposal Form, Immersion Checklist, & Immersion Packet


Upcoming Immersion opportunities:
November 9th-11th -Focusing on issues of Homelessness
January – 18th – 20th -Issue Area: TBD
Spring Weekend Trip #1 (February 15th – February 17th) -Issue Area: TBD
Spring Weekend Trip #2 (April 5th – April 7th) -Issue Area: TBD
Alternative Spring Break (March 2nd – March 10th) -Issue Area: TBD

Community Engagement