Connecting with Community Engagement

Together, we can create positive change and progress in our global community!


“There is not another institutional education system we are aware of that is doing anything like this. In terms of combining the heart with the mind, [Rollins] has crossed boundaries and opened up gates to bridge the academic setting with the real world." 

 Linda Grassa
Orange County Commission on Aging

Rollins believes the only way to truly educate students for a diverse, complex, and changing world is to invite community partners, leaders, and citizens to serve as partners in the educational process. OCE believes that community asset is essential in preparing young people to lead in the 21st Century in all aspects of community life. Community members are co-educators along with our faculty and staff in teaching students about the greatest challenges and opportunities of our time. Each year, OCE partners with over 250 non-profit and civic organizations throughout Central Florida (and beyond) through academic projects, such as service-learning and research, community service, internships and immersion experiences. Students, faculty, and staff are involved in community impact areas from the environment, poverty, and the arts to immigration, youth education, senior adults, and public health.

Non-profit community organizations that have opportunities for Rollins students, faculty, and staff to become engaged with community issues, events and volunteer opportunities are invited to contact the Office of Community Engagement. Opportunities that meet the educational mission of Rollins will be listed on the events calendar on the OCE website and through the Engage!Rollins electronic newsletter that goes to all students, faculty, and staff six times a year. Academic partnership opportunities (research and service-learning) are sent to faculty interested in similar topics and experiences.

Non-profit organizations looking to develop new relationships/partnerships with Rollins are encouraged to meet with an OCE staff member to discuss opportunities to build a mutually beneficial relationship grounded in learning and action. OCE will conduct a site visit and needs assessment with community organizations looking for ways to effectively partner with Rollins through student-learning opportunities.

Non-Profit Community Organizations can also get involved in promoting learning opportunities with OCE in the following ways:

Rollins Community Partner Database Listing of Events/Opportunities
Engage!Rollins Newsletter (Community Spotlight)
CommunityFEST (September)
Community Partner Tour for New Faculty (Fall semester)
Community Engagement Fair (Mid-September)
Summit on Transforming Learning (March)

For more information about the Office of Community Engagement, download a copy of our brochure.


In addition, non-profit community organizations and leaders are encouraged to visit other departments at Rollins committed to campus/community collaborations. These include:

Philanthropy & Nonprofit Leadership Center

Rollins Community Relations

Office of Academic Internships

OCE strives to develop intentional and reciprocal relationships that are focused on student-learning and community progress, especially with economically and historically underserved communities and issues. Community partnerships often take time, effort, and energy to fully develop. Community partners are invited to participate in all community engagement events sponsored by the office, including faculty development opportunities, educational speakers, and service projects.


Community Engagement