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Information for Community Partners

The Rollins College Bonner Leaders Program is a cohort-based community service program that pairs undergraduate students with local nonprofit organizations in an intensive, sustained manner.

The program achieves this by:

  • Providing access to a college education for students who have a proven desire to serve
  • Affording students the opportunity to engage their talents and leadership in strengthening communities
  • Channeling the energies of students, faculty, and staff to make significant contributions to the local community
  • Working to improve people’s lives, enhance the environment, and build stronger communities
  • Helping the College further a culture of service so that more students are involved in these efforts everyday


What can a Rollins Bonner Leader do for you?

The Rollins Bonner Leaders Program sees the community as a co-educator and partner in teaching and learning. By partnering with the Rollins Bonner Leaders Program, your organization will:

  • Have access to an experienced volunteer base
  • Gain research opportunities with our academic community on campus
  • Be connected to a national network of over 80 American colleges and universities and their community partners

Bonner Leaders will typically be more prepared than the average volunteer to take on more intensive roles with your organization, ranging from project coordination to grant writing.

Rollins Bonner Leaders are expected to develop the knowledge and skills related to their service work over their four years at Rollins. Their personal development should be reflected in their responsibilities at their service site. Each year, students take on increasingly more complex responsibilities with their community partner.


Community Partner Guidelines

We see your role as co-educator and facilitator of an effective relationship between your organization and a Rollins Bonner Leader. It is highly recommended that someone from your staff be assigned to the student as a manager and mentor to their service. Your Bonner site supervisor will work with the students in creating a Community Learning Agreement (CLA) and will sign off on hour logs. It’s preferred that the site supervisor be present for the majority of the time that the student is on-site with your organization.

Community Learning Agreement: The CLA is a thoughtful way for Rollins Bonner Leaders to consider their own developmental goals in collaboration with the goals of the organization. This agreement is at the core of the partnership, enabling students and service sites to achieve mutually valuable goals.

Hour Logs: Hour logs are printed time sheets that the student and site supervisor will sign off on to affirm the student’s service hours at your organization. Deadlines will be provided.


Who is a Rollins Bonner Leader?

Rollins Bonner Leaders are full-time undergraduate students who are passionate about working with the community and dedicated to addressing some of the greatest challenges of our time through community-based learning and service. 

Serving six to eight hours per week during four academic years and completing at least one summer internship experience, Rollins Bonner Leaders gain extensive experience working with and contributing to nonprofit organizations.


Values & Beliefs

 The Bonner Foundation:

  • Is committed to working with all people and institutions regardless of age, race, belief, or nationality
  • Believes that colleges have vital societal roles to play in nurturing and mobilizing thoughtful, caring, and diverse leadership dedicated to community service
  • Recognizes that often the best way to help someone is to give them the opportunity to help themselves, and that the people best able to address problems are the people who are most directly affected
  • Acknowledges that effective community service programs involve all stakeholders in their leadership
  • Understands that long-lasting partnerships are based on mutual respect and common commitments
  • Supports innovative programs that have the potential to serve as models for other higher education institution

Learn more about the National Bonner Program.



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