We develop dynamic communicators who think critically, speak, listen, and write effectively. 

The Department of Communication engages students in theoretical and applied knowledge, empowering them to pursue meaningful lives, relationships, and careers.  Our mission is to produce well-rounded communicators who are capable of speaking and listening effectively, thinking critically, and writing clearly. 

We strive to embody this mission in several ways.  We encourage freedom of expression, diversity of perspective, and tolerance of dissent to achieve the informed and responsible decision-making skills fundamental to a civil society and a global community.  We cultivate the communication skills necessary to fulfill human potential and contribute to the public well-being.  Finally, we promote ethical communication that enhances human worth and dignity by fostering fairness, responsibility, and respect for self and others. 


 Our Service Philosophy

Together, we inspire purposeful lives through distinctive, engaged learning and exceptional service.


  Department of Communication Values



  • Innovative, resourceful and timely
  • Approachable and open‐minded
  • Solution‐oriented
  • Personalized and caring
  • Balancing individual and institutional needs



  • Friendly, courteous and considerate
  • Exhibiting care and compassion when serving others
  • Valuing different ideas and perspectives
  • Treating others with dignity



  • Effective at communicating within and outside of our immediate work groups
  • Working together to accomplish departmental and institutional goals
  • Demonstrating teamwork across boundaries
  • Supporting others in what they do
  • Keeping our eye on the big picture
  • Critical self-evaluation of self and department



  • Thorough knowledge of job and institutional mission
  • Effective, efficient, and reliable performance
  • Proficient in meeting student and customer needs
  • Ability to align our efforts with departmental and institutional goals
  • Ongoing commitment to excellence, innovation and continuous improvement