Carolyn Planck

Curriculum Vitae
T. 407.646.1885
Fairbanks Building, Office 201

Faculty Biography

Since this Purdue graduate arrived at Rollins College some years ago, Carolyn Planck has been fortunate to teach a variety of courses that she loves.  A successful speaker and fund-raiser herself, Planck regularly shares her experience and wisdom with students in Fundamentals of Public Speaking, Advanced Public Speaking, and Small Groups and Leadership.  Having taught both in the daytime Arts and Sciences program and in the evening Holt School, she regards all the elements of the Rollins community as one unit working together for a common purpose.  Most recently, she is emphasizing this unity by teaching Public Speaking II in a course cross-listed for both daytime and evening students. 

Her classes are designed to help individuals grow as they become bothe better speakers and listeners.  As students develop facility in the basics of public speaking, they must also learn to become skilled listeners.  Planck believes that the message of a speech is key in retaining the audience's attention, and she holds that is imperative for speakers to utilize time-honored rhetorical skills to enhance the logic of their message, add credibility, and touch audiences emotionally.  Beyond the classroom, she serves as the faculty advisor for Communique', the public relations club at Rollins.  In her private life, she is a strong believer in giving back; her passion for increasing awareness in women's philanthropy has only grown stronger over the years:  "There is no minimum or maximum on giving back, as each gift is appreciated."  During a class experience with Professor Planck you can look forward to developing as a speaker and as well as building strong relationships with fellow students--and with this wonderful professor.