Hesham Mesbah, Ph.D.

Curriculum Vitae

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Faculty Biography

Dr. Hesham Mesbah brings a diverse background and teaching experience. He taught journalism and mass communication at Cairo University (Egypt), Kuwait University (Kuwait), and Northwestern State University (Louisiana). He has also trained professional print and broadcast journalists from many African and Asian nations. This ‘intercontinental’ career helped Dr. Mesbah preach and practice intercultural communication.

Dr. Mesbah has made numerous academic publications in both English and Arabic. He has also made several presentations at international and regional conferences.  His research agenda includes comparative cognitive effects of news media and the impact of media use on social capital, social openness, and perception of globalization. In recognition of his teaching and academic activities, he was nominated “Professor of the year 2007” by the Arab-US Association for Communication Educators (AUSACE).

In addition to doing academic research, Dr. Mesbah has been in charge of designing and analyzing quantitative marketing research in the field of pharmaceutical products since 1998 for a Middle Eastern regional research company. He also acted as a public relations consultant for an educational corporation in Kuwait.

Dr. Mesbah teaches New Media and Public Relations, Introduction to communication Studies, and Contemporary Public Relations at Rollins college. He will also teach other core classes across the curriculum.