Boya Forum Beijing Foreign Studies University

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This fall four students from Rollins participated in the Beijing Foreign Studies University's Boya Forum for Undergraduates. BFSU has been building the reputation of the conference among universities in China for several years and has reached out to foreign universities to increase the competitiveness and quality of the conference. Some of the foreign universities other than Rollins included Barnard College and Lancaster University. Each participant submitted an abstract earlier in the year, which was selected by the faculty at BFSU to be presented in the conference. The Conference faculty then chose the top presentations from each of the forum categories and awarded them a first, second, or third place rating. Of the four Rollins Students that participated, each one received at least a third place rating for the presentation of their papers.

Students Ed Leffler, Kylie Oberdorf, David Gevorgyan, and Mitchell Wilkins, each presented papers on subjects related to International Studies. Mr. Wilkins paper, “IT Dragons: Will Chinese Innovation Take Flight?” (awarded with First Prize of Presentation) examined the status of innovation in China’s Zhongguancun Technology Park. Mr. Leffler discussed the liberalization of China’s finance industry in his paper, "China’s Path to Liberalization: A Political-Economic Outlook” (Second Prize of Presentation). Ms. Oberdorf conducted interviews of Chinese students concerning their use of the Internet while she studied abroad in China. Her paper,” Chinese University Students Internet Usage and Habits” (Second Prize of Presentation), analyzed and discussed the results of those interviews. Finally, Mr. Gevorgyan’s paper, “Artsakh (Karabakh): Past, Present, and Future” (Third Prize of Presentation), discusses the quarter century long stalemate surrounding the Artsakh Republic.