Child Development & Student Research Center

As a laboratory of the Department of Psychology at Rollins College, the Child Development & Student Research Center (CDC) creates opportunities for research and learning with undergraduate students, children of all abilities and faculty of the College. 

Engaging Activities

Children participate in activities that stimulate learning, require creativity and encourage understanding of concepts.

Reggio Emilia philosophy

Our Reggio approach to curriculum leads to emergent long term projects and in depth exploration.

Close Interactions with teachers and students

Children participate in healthy activities with valuable interactions with teachers.

Community Outreach

Students participate in community outreach projects throughout the year.

The Child Development Center Lab contributes to the mission of Rollins College by offering undergraduates the opportunity for research on campus and in the local community and for families the advantage of a high quality lab preschool program on campus.


The Child Development Center was established in 1975 as a laboratory preschool for the undergraduates in the Psychology Department at Rollins College. We serve children between the ages of two and five years.  Children with special needs are fully included in all activities and learning is individualized for optimum growth.

Child Development & Student Research Center
Rollins College
1000 Holt Avenue - 2760
Winter Park, FL 32789