Research & Instrumentation

Faculty members are excited to work on a variety of research projects with our students during the academic year in volunteer positions, for credit (see CHM 498/499), to work toward "Honors" or "Honors in the Major recognition," and in the summer as part of the Rollins Student-Faculty Summer Scholarship Program.  For more information about current projects and research opportunities, please contact individual members of the chemistry department at any time.  We have a variety of standard equipment available for use in the classroom and/or research.

Large instruments:

Perkin-Elmer Aanalyst 800 atomic absorption spectrometer (2004)

JEOL 300 MHz NMR spectrometer (2004)

Cary 100 UV-Vis spectrometers (2) with temperature control

Finnigan GCQ GC/MS

Hewlett-Packard HP 1100 high-performance liquid chromatography system (1999)

Photon Technology International Fluorimeter

Nicolet 380 FTIR Spectrometer (2008)

Rudolph Polarimeter (2009)

Innovative Technologies glove box and solvent system (2006)

Nanodrop UV-Vis spectrometer (2013)

Buchi Roto-Vap (2007)

Buchi Multivapor V-700

Agilent G1600A capillary electrophoresis system (1999)

Teledyne ISCO flash chromatography system

Paar DMA512 densitometer

Paar calorimeters

Barnstead D7031 EasyPure and NanoPure water purifiers (3; recent purchases)

Nusonics concentration meter

Burrell shaker

Branson 3200 sonic cleaner

High-vac capabilities


Standard small equipment: centrifuges/microfuges (including an ultracentrifuge), many ovens, freezers (-20˚C, Nuaire-80˚C), incubators, PCR thermal cyclers, water baths, nucleic acid/protein electrophoresis units (agarose and SDS-PAGE), BSL2 biological safety hoods (2013) 

Current Student Research

Diana Cox '14  is performing senior Honors in the Major research with Dr. Riley. 

Select Faculty Publications

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