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2017 Goldwater Awardee

2017 Goldwater Awardee

Congratulations to Alyssa DeLucia '18 on winning a Goldwater Scholarship for her paper detailing microRNA function!

2017-2018 Rollins Chemistry Faculty Publications

  • Dr. Pedro Bernal & Rollins student Luke Brown '17 published original research entitled "Partial Molar Volumes and Isentropic Compressions of Cyclic Ethers in Aqueous Solutions from 288.15 to 313.15 K at Atmospheric Pressure" in Journal of Solution Chemistry.
  • Dr. Laurel Habgood, along with L. Ackermann and T.B. Gunnoe, co-edited a book entitled "Catalytic Hydroarylation of Carbon-Carbon Multiple Bonds." It is available on Amazon.
  • Dr. Ellane Park, along with M. Kim, A. Garcia, and P. Malinowski, published "Mercury Uptake by Eastern Oysters (Crassostrea virginica) in Oyster Restoration Project of the New York Harbor" in the International Journal of Environmental Science & Technology.
  • Dr. Kasandra Riley, along with Dr. Fiona Harper (Rollins Biology Dept.) and Dr. Paul Rawson (University of Maine), published original research entitled "Novel species-specific glycoprotein on the surface of Mytilus edulis and M. trossulus eggs" in the journal Invertebrate Reproduction and Development.

Congratulations to Goldwater Scholarship Awardee Alyssa DeLucia!

The Rollins Chemistry Department is exceedingly proud of our 2017 Goldwater Scholarship winner Alyssa DeLucia, '18. Read more about Alyssa's accomplishments in the press release here.

Course Spotlights

Dr. Kasandra Riley's Science of Sustenance Class will be taught in Fall 2018. Read more about the class here featured in Rollins 360. Dr. Pedro Bernal has taken part in two recent features: The Science and Culture of Chocolate & WaSH (here) and Water, Sanitation, and Health in the Dominican Republic has also been published here.

Washington Post Article: Why pursuing STEM majors at liberal arts colleges is valuable?

Click here to read a recent article on the Washington Post that discusses the advantages of pursuing STEM majors in a liberal arts college like Rollins!

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