Terry Hummel Raves about CFAM!

One of the most unique exhibitions opening this week opens Saturday (10 a.m.-4 p.m.) at my alma mater, Rollins College in the recently enlarged and improved Cornell Fine Arts Museum.

This is a beautiful museum that many Central Floridians may not be aware of. They always manage to curate great exhibits most often seen in major cities...and they are right here for you to see. The new "Man and the Machine" collection presents us with more than art. It also includes recent history, philosophy, political and sociological allusions. The exhibit will work your whole brain, because it's a collection of early Soviet posters. These graphic images were created by artists with a singular political view. Just as with art created today (in various media), the posters can bend, manipulate and subtley influence your thoughts and emotions. This is definitely an interesting and unusual exhibtion. Showing in an adjoining gallery, is the "Out from the Shadows" collection of works by 19th-century American women, including Mary Cassatt and members of the Peale family. All helped to break paternalistic traditions. Call the museum for details at 407-646-2526.

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