Past Exhibitions

On Display from September 11, 2010 - December 23, 2010

Robert Motherwell and Jasper Johns: Poetic Works as Metaphor

Robert Motherwell and Jasper Johns: Poetic works as Metaphor focuses on the artists' collaborative efforts with poets that share the artists' vision in the first ever showing of their combined bibliophilic works.  The show includes 19 Motherwell prints and 31 Johns prints.  The Motherwell prints, all lithographs which were made between 1980 and 1983, are directly related to a single poem "El Negro Motherwell" written by the Spanish poet Rafael Alberti and dedicated to Motherwell.  The Jasper Johns prints, etchings, and aquatints, were produced in 1976 for publication with a series of five essays, written and interpreted in English and French by Irish-born poet Samuel Beckett.  The prints themselves show recurring themes associated with the artists: cross-hatching, flagstones, casts/slats, and numbers for Johns; Zen-like calligraphic images for Motherwell, plus three works in Chine colle.

elegy black black

Robert Motherwell,

Elegy Black Black, 1982-1983

Lithograph in colors, 15 ¼  X 38 inches

Copyright Dedalus Foundation, Inc./Licensed by Vaga, New York, NY

This exhibition was organized by Contemporary and Modern Print Exhibitions


Jasper Johns

Flagstones, 1976

lift-ground aquatint and open-bite from three plates printed in red, black and white

11 9/16 x 18 5/16 inches

Copyright Jasper Johns/Licensed by VAGA, New York, NY, Published by St. Petersburg Press, S.A.

This exhibition was organized by Contemporary and Modern Print Exhibitions

MASTER/Plan: Visionary Architects and Their Utopian Worlds

Sustainable architecture, urban planning, and utopia are explored in an exhibition of models, drawings, and animations by six leading contemporary architects (Paolo Soleri, Adrien Smith, Michael Graves, Morris Adjmi, Alchemy Architects, and Chad Oppenheim).  This exhibition sheds light on the creative and practical processes involved with community planning today.  Visitors will be able to design their own utopian city.

 Chad Oppenheim

Oppenheim Architecture and Design

Cor Tower, Miami, Florida


balance bridge 

Paolo Soleri

Balance Bridge, 1958

Bridge Designs for 1958 Luxembourg competition for the Grand-Duchesse Charlotte Bridge.

Cellular cantilevering hinged and anchored to massive beams.  Residential and other accomodations are sheltered within the whole. 

 REMIX: Old and New Acquisitions from the Permanent Collection

 Featuring a selection of works, all acquired by the Cornell Fine Arts Museum over the last year, installed with selected older works from the collection, REMIX follows Wonderful and Curious, shown this past spring in honor of the College's 125th Anniversary which highlighted the origins of the museum's permanent collection.

On view will be works by Richard Anuskiewicz, Chakaia Booker, Martin Denker, and Sam Gilliam among others. The works on view reflect the great diversity of work being acquired by the Cornell for the Cornell which now inlcudes a concern for video, new media, installation and collaborative works.  REMIX is organized by the Cornell's Bruce A. Beal Director Scott Habes.


Martin Denker

6.3DayChemicalHoliday, 2008


Edition of 6

40" x 55"