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CFAM is committed to interdisciplinary enquiry and learning, and its staff is always willing to help faculty and students discover how art illuminates and provides a context for different academic disciplines, leading to a lifelong appreciation of visual culture.

Curatorial and education staff members are available to provide resources that illustrate links between works of art and a variety of curricula.  They can also organize gallery assignments for collegiate visitors to enhance their in-class studies.

The Rollins mission statement’s guiding principles are excellence, innovation, and community. Moreover, Rollins is dedicated to scholarship, academic achievement, creative accomplishment, cultural enrichment, social responsibility, and environmental stewardship. The Cornell Fine Arts Museum (CFAM) is an extension of classroom engaged learning and introduces all visitors to diverse intellectual, spiritual, and aesthetic traditions.

Experiential Learning Opportunities

CFAM enhances traditional classroom learning by providing opportunities for hands-on learning.  Instructors may select objects from our permanent collection for students to study in a small group setting.

We encourage all disciplines to make use of this resource, not just art and art history courses, as these experiences are unique opportunities that encourage the understanding of cultures and historical eras.

The Siemens Print Study Room is also available for the study of our works on paper collection or for small object-based discussion groups.  If you are looking to inspire your students with a change of their surroundings, CFAM can be used to hold classroom discussions.


Class Tours

Guided tours by appointment for college or university groups must be scheduled three weeks in advance of the tour date.  The galleries are always available for self-guided tours by classes or groups during all open hours of operation.  We ask that you make appointments for these visits to ensure that everyone has the most enjoyable and engaging experience possible.



Sketching is allowed in the galleries with pencil only.  Paper is limited to 16 x 20-inch handheld pads.  We ask that you be respectful of other visitors in the gallery and not block pathways or artwork.