Africa/African-American Studies

Africa/African-American Studies
(minor only)

Changes effective Fall Term 2013

Faculty teaching Africa/African-American Studies courses include members of the Expressive Arts, Humanities, and Social Sciences Divisions in the College of Arts and Sciences. Please see the schedule of classes for each academic term for specific assignments.

The interdisciplinary Africa/African-American Studies minor centralizes, honors, and teaches the importance of the presence and contribution of Africans and their New World descendants in Western culture and society.


Six (6) courses, including two (2) core courses, three (3) electives, (two (2) of which must be at the 300-level) and a senior independent study research paper with a significant community engagement component.


  • HIS 240 African American History I or HIS 241 African American History II
  • ANT 207 Anthropology of Modern Africa


  • ANT 232 Archaeology of Africa
  • ANT 233 Indian Ocean in Antiquity
  • ANT 259 Contemporary Middle East and North Africa
  • ANT 277 Gender in the Middle East and North Africa
  • ARH 204 Introduction to African Art
  • ARH 304 African Art and Colonialism
  • ARH 275 The Art of African Textiles, Dress, and Fashion
  • CMC 350 Critical Race Theory
  • EDU 271 School and Society
  • EDU 280 Diversity in American Education
  • ENG 140 Composition: Writing about Selected Topic - Writing About Race and Gender
  • ENG 210 Language and Power
  • ENG 275/324 African American Narratives
  • ENG 304B American Literature Fiction - Harlem Renaissance
  • ENV 206 Caribbean Environmental History
  • HIS 370 Race and Ethnicity in the United States
  • LAC 200 Foundations of Latin American and Caribbean Culture and Society
  • MUS 160 History of Jazz
  • POL 252 American Civil Rights Policy
  • POL 306 Muslims in Western Politics
  • POL 387 Constitutional Law: Civil Rights and Liberties
  • REL 135 Religion in America
  • REL 251 Topics in Religion - Islam and Society
  • SOC 311 Social Movements
  • SOC 356 The State of Black America
  • SOC 355 Poverty and Social Welfare